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Re: Bleach 547

Yeah devious but actually it rounds out his character. Aizen would actually be acting as a protector if you will of SS. Even though he went through extreme measures to research his experiments and cast SS into a chaotic hell, his softer side had faith in the shinigami resistance against the hidden Quincy. Even though fighting Ichigo for the second time will prove the first encounter wasn't a fluke. Nor will he ever surpass Ichigo. Aizen lives to be the best and sit at the top...He cannot evolve to catch Kurosaki though he can elevate him and widen the gap between them. Ichigo looks like his power may be close to his final getsuga form. If Aizen does fall to Ichigo again he will give him either information or some type of powerup. I hate the fact that Ichigo hasn't learned any kido or anything new to help in his fights. Yeah new blades but nothing unexpected. Yeah that was the main difference between Aizen and Ichigo..Ichigo believes and had faith in Zangetsu but Aizen had no connection to his blade nor his zanpaktou. Ichigo believes in his own power and nothing else. Aizen believes everything is beneath him, kido spells and everything. Anyway I like the idea of Aizen somewhat redeeming his cursed nature.
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