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Re: Naruto_645

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
You cannot make an argument about kishi not trolling the shit out of minato at this point without proving obvious anti-minato bias.
Wow, you're stupid. Did you even bother checking what Worfing (or "The Worf Effect") actually is? From TvTropes:
Want a quick way to show how dangerous one of your unknown characters is? Simple, make him do well or win in a fight with a character that the audience already knows is tough. This establishes him as willing to fight and marks him as sufficiently dangerous.

For new villains, it's common for them to pick up the toughest character among the heroes and hurl him across the room or otherwise take him out in one blow, thus showing that they are the real deal. "Wow, he just beat up Worf! He must be bad news!" Of course, if the same character is repeatedly used as the target of displays like these, it can result in Badass Decay, and if abused, his toughness could become an Informed Ability.

Worf Had The Flu is sometimes used to justify Worf's poor showing.
In shorter words, Worfing a character means making that character lose or at least be weaker than another just for hyping the latter. Meaning that everyone and their mothers know exactly what you said, that Kishi is trolling Minato to make Obito (and Naruto) look good by comparison.

The difference is, the rest of us are aware of this happening to a ton of characters in this manga (most notably Kakashi) and we simply shrug it or poke fun at it, unlike you who acts all butthurt just because Kishimoto did it to one of your favorites.

Lol, the proper translation for that was:
"Originally, Izanagi was the PRACTICAL APPLICATION of the Rikudou sage's creation of all things"
ANd yours was just way off trying to make creation of all things sound like an actual technique and not something the sage had that Izanagi was the practical application of.
Considering that not only "practical" was absent from the original Japanese, you cherry-picked the loosest and only translation that suited your needs (considering all other possible translations of ouyou were synonymous with "application") that only exists because it is shared with all the Kanji with the same you radical. Not to talk about that Izanagi is beyond dead in terms of relevancy, unlike Banbutsu Souzou which has a chance of being used (considering we still have a Juubi on the loose). Rocks at glass roofs, KYF, don't throw them.

Yea, yea, too redundant despite the fact you always have a different translation from what the known translators have, thus should want to do the whole chapter for accuracy yet do not.
@ bolded: WRONG. If you actually paid attention to my translations instead of perpetuating your whining, you'd notice that my translations pretty much coincide with either mangapanda's or mangastream's translations, which shouldn't be a surprise considering the common source all translations have. It's just both scanlation groups do occasionally commit inaccuracies that spawn differences of translation between them and I simply do the research myself to see which one is the accurate one.

ANd only chose to do certain small tranlations that are being argued so you can try and pass of your shit translating fueled by bias as proof for your position in an argument.
First, nice fallacious appeal to motive. I don't translate to win some argument (specially considering I wasn't even involved in the argument in some of them), I translate for clarity's sake. And not all translations conform to my early expectations, being example of that the Susanoo being as powerful as the Bijuu line by Madara, which I hoped was some hiccup by the translators and turned out to be Kishi breaking the already broken power levels.

Second, at least I have the decency of checking what is actually said instead of saying "derp, this translation's better because it helps my point, derp!" like you did with Tobirama's lines about Edo Tensei. You can't deny it, you declared that translation better without a single proof of why it was better.

LMOA, keep trying to convince yourself of that. If I have argued for that translation, you would go and re-translate it as something like "the sky is not purple" just to support your counter argument. WHich bring me back tomy original point.
Yeah, too bad I'm not the asshole you seemingly think I am and I'd translate it as it is, not at what I want/what you don't want. So stop your petty appeals to motive and get your fingers moving. After all, you said you were translating it yourself and so far I have seen nothing.

WTF, you really have no idea what rational thinking is, do ya...
Quoted for the lulz (specially when AMA keeps baiting you and you keep falling for it).
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