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Re: One piece 720

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Its obvious that all of these former foes will be beside Luffy to aid him at some point in the future. Ya heard it here first, the collaboration from Aokiji's, down to the silly crew that Luffy Don'd the Afro to box the Capt., will all be beside Luffy like those with Whitebeard at Marinford. Luffy's collaboration will make Marineford look like childsplay. I suspect the person that may be in Ace's shoes in the future will be Zoro (but I don't know how he'd get caught in the first place, it would take an epic force to subdue him), Ussopp, or maybe even somebody like the Snake Princess that's in love with him, oh yeah Hancock... I can see the WG just getting tired of her, and allow whomever to mow her country down, and capture her, put her on display to show they're power.
Personally I would like to see the formation of some of the past crews Luffy beat to his alliance yes, but I dont think they would try and do a repeat of the War Arc, I mean I wouldnt like Oda to pretty much do a similar arc but this time giving one the SH's Ace position will be stupid and waste of an arc. As for your suggestion of Zoro, gotta say nah to that Zoro already pissed about his performance against the Yeti Brothers and could have be killed there that moment, no chance hes going to let something like that happen.
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