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Re: Bleach 547

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
You made it worth it because most don't give a damn about Kubo's opinions, and ideas, he's had great ingredients since forever... and repeatedly fuck up the meal. Dish, by dish, entrée, by entrée, he makes them turn out a disaster.
This precisely. Like I've said, I don't read OP yet, but of the mangas I do read, SnK is the only seeming to be worth the time. I'm not being full of myself, but I honestly believe me fanfic is 100x better than what Kishi is doing with Naruto, and I like what I read from AMA and woody in this fanfic thread.

I know there are cultural difference, but hell, Dragonball never got this bad. Sure it had hax powerups, but hell, the story never slowed to a sloth's pace at least.
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