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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Hey, dumbass. Show the panel that says he has auto regen and not the ability to use healing techniques on the fly without hand signs. Until then, Hashirama was choosing to off himself. He wasn't showing that he couldn't withstand a kunai with this fictitious auto regeneration you seem to claim he has.

Now, until the author states otherwise, Hashirama > Minato. This is manga facts.
Like trying to convince a pokemon to say anything other then it's name. And in your case, Asssosore...

Common sense eludes you.

: If one can heal without the use of hand seals, which are the willing activation of that healing. Then, the only thing left that could possibly be happening is that the healing is AUTOMATIC your poor delusional little fellow...
Even Obito with his half hashirama clone body was shown healing his wounds AUTOMATICALLY too and you still refuse to accept the truth about hashirama's level of regeneration and how it works.

Obito's hashirama clone body healing his wounds automatically:

Because regeneration without the use of hand seals could only mean ONE thing after all, AUTOMATIC regeneration, but somehow you have deluded yourself to believe there has to be a statement about it, thus trying to use the lack of one for your conclusion which=ARGUMENT FROM SILENCE... Good luck with that...

I without a doubt proved using Mnaga panels and FEATS that hashirama ONLY has the ability to automatically heal small wounds, cuts, bruises, ect. Which is why he was in such bad shape after the madara fight, but still had plenty enough chakra to control the buddha, to control the Kyuubi and bring them both back to Konoha, yet could not heal those wounds.

And even Obito, who has a hashirama clone body showed the ability to heal scratches, cuts and bruises easily, but when he was stabbed by a chidori Kunai. His automatuc regeneration could do noting to help.

And coupled with hashirama committing suicide with a mere Kunai proves that hashirama's automatic regeneration is nowhere near tsunade's level... Thus, Minato Kunai blitz WILL Kill him as the manga has shown one can.

WHat really gets me is you actually believe that Minato with his SPeed/reflexes, Hirashin and kage bushins will not be bale to TOUCH hashirama, which is all it takes to beat him since the manga shows a Kunai can Kill Him.

I mean, V1 Juubito was already stronger then hashirama, confirmed, Minato and his clone easily brushed off his speed spin kick while busy focusing on using their new jutsu and yet hashirama is supposed to do better then the guy who is stronger then him... NO!

Really, How BIAS do you have to be to no accept the fact Minato can actually beat hashirama due to his speed/reflexes, time space jutsu, seals, summons, kage bushin and the fact a Kunai can Kill hashirama and Minato will without a doubt be able to apply onto hashirama..

No matter how POWERFUL/STRONG you are. If you cannot CATCH your Enemy, all you POWER/STRENGTH is no more USEFUL then a squirt gun....
And if You cannot possibly TRACK/REACT to your enemies attacks to Defend yourself, then how can you possibly stop him from DEFEATING you at WILL...


People live relying on they're Knowledge and Perception, and thus are bound to them.....
Those Boundaries are what they tend to accept as "Reality".....
However..... Knowledge and Perception are both ambiguous....
so "Reality" could be nothing more....
then an illusion....

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