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Re: VS Thread [With Manga Spoilers!]

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Like trying to convince a pokemon to say anything other then it's name. And in your case, Asssosore...
Meowth says hi, dumbass.

Common sense eludes you.
I think you're confused here.

: If one can heal without the use of hand seals, which are the willing activation of that healing. Then, the only thing left that could possibly be happening is that the healing is AUTOMATIC your poor delusional little fellow
No. It means that it doesn't require hand seals. Tsunade has shown this with her Byakugo, which Madara compared to Hashirama's ability to heal without hand signs. It doesn't mean that it's an automatic thing. That was clearly shown by Hashirama being willing to kill himself with seppuku.

I without a doubt proved using Mnaga panels and FEATS that hashirama ONLY has the ability to automatically heal small wounds, cuts, bruises, ect. Which is why he was in such bad shape after the madara fight, but still had plenty enough chakra to control the buddha, to control the Kyuubi and bring them both back to Konoha, yet could not heal those wounds.
Um...wat? Hashirama was just as exhausted when he finished off Madara. As seen by him falling to his knee after he stabbed Madara. The buddha/kyuubi/everything else you said wasn't even in the picture.

And, again, the manga has flat out stated that Hashirama is the strongest of them all, even Madara. Aside from Obito currently. Minato wouldn't be able to do shit to him, even with all of his speed. You have to understand, Tobirama, the guy that Minato took FTG from, was Hashirama's brother. You don't think he would've figured out counters to S/T techs?
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