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Re: Naruto_645

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post Considering I was referring to KYF, who fans the shit out of Minato at the expense of every other character. Your "dots" looked more like "1+1=turducken".

However, for the sake of curiosity, please connect these dots. Prove that a "freshman in highschool" can do it.
1. Minato has been talking about a certain jutsu (could it be "that" jutsu) that he has yet been able to perform.

2. Only an idiot would not think that Naruto is going to surpass everyone in this God-forsaken story. So if we don't see Minato do this jutsu, guess who's going to do it.

Yup, did it in two short steps. Thing about smartasses, they often tend to overthink the simplest of things.

And oh yeah, turducken tastes pretty damn good, too. Let's not get into the 1+1 stuff again, because in a situation similar to AMA, for me, 1+1=4.

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