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Re: Naruto_645

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
WTF has tobirama done other then invent jutsu?

: Almost died against Kin and Gin even wiht the 2nd raikage helping him fight.
: Died against 20 fodder shinobi of the kinaku squad.
: Was one shoted easily by V1 imperfect Juubito without even a reaction until after the pwning.
: Grabbed a bijuudama at the same time a one armed minato did, using the opposite arm, but took it instead. Either could have done since both grabbed it at the same time.
: And Attacked Juubito using hiraishin from the tag he placed after getting pwned while Juubito was not even trying to attack back. Pretty much Anyone can do that...

: Minato and his kage bushin easily tanked V1 Juubito's speed spin kick attack while busy focusing on setting up the new jutsu they were about to use.
: Needed V2 perfect Juubito who is>>hashirama, while still holding back from sympathy and guilt, plus a failed Kunai defense that left him off balance just for that level of shinobi to even touch him.
Yes, it took rikudou sennin Juubi JINK level shinobi with other disadvantageous circumstances just for MInato to be hit for the FIRST time in combat...
: Was easily able to take on Killer B and V2 super mode raikage while not even trying to kill them (proven by his approach against KB).
: Defeated full zetsu body suit enhanced Obito and took on the Kyuubi to, taking away control and beating Obito in one move...
: Is the FASTEST SHinobi to ever live!!!! ABle to kill you before you can even blink...

All this is not baout putting down or hyping another. These are feats of each sinobi and Minato's are just WAY, WAY better so I am sorry that the manga made Minato such a force to be retcon with and tobirama.
Yes minato is the fastest shinobi ever. Too fast that he failed to teleport away from a large fingernail attack coming from a huge beast. Too fast indeed.
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