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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

And here I thought you might be attempting to answer this question outside the context of your hairbrained Minato fanning.

Let me put this shit simply: The matter of why Hashirama wins is not that he has offensive power. It's that he has defensive power. Between his medical techniques that function roughly the same as Tsunade's and Sage Mode's defenses (remember those? Remember how it made Naruto capable of tanking lethal force without injury? yeaaaaaaaah), Hashirama is too well fortified for Minato to actually hurt him. Believe me, I was convinced Minato would have beaten him until the medical technique shit was brought to light. Speed, agility, evasiveness, what have you normally does defeat raw power. However, it must be capable of damaging its opponent. If it can't actually damage its target, its speed does not matter. Minato is not capable of actually hurting Hashirama without the Kurama cloak. Because of this, he cannot reasonably defeat him.
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