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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

It seems to me like KYF's only argument against Hashirama is that he's not fast enough to physically keep up with Minato, which I find to be a bit hilarious. Given that Madara himself stated any serious battle between him and Hashirama has the destructive capability of changing the fucking maps, is it really that far fetched to think Hashirama has large scale attacks of his own. So why is "grabbing" Minato really relevant if you have crater making jutsu at your disposal.

Also despite KYF wanking Minato's speed, he ignores the fact that he lacks the proper reflexes to use it's full potential. This is the same exact Minato that warned Kakashi to not use his chidori move ever again, because the extreme speed caused him to have tunnel vision, and led to the possibility of the enemy countering his move. The same advice applies to anybody with "normal" reflexes. Last time I checked Minato didn't have sharingan eyes or Lightning enhance reflexes like Raikage, so let stop pretending his speed some nigh unstoppable force. Given that he currently only has one arm, it certainly wasn't that fast. I mean, come on. Minato had enough time to think "oh shit" to himself, but that wasn't enough time to use shirashin or substitution jutsu and get the fuck out of the way. LOL

Edit: BTW, Minato had his hands full just fighting Raikage and Killer Bee in the past. Madara just showed and and shitted on 5 KAGES like he was wiping his ass and they were the toilet paper. Then he told them to their face that Hashirama was better then all them suckers combined. Now the new and senju enhanced madara is fighting Hashirama again and still is only fighting on an even level. You know, for someone who is always preaching about how others misinterpret the manga, you sure are trying hard to ignore it yourself.

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