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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Since this has become such a debated topic, I felt the need to create this thread instead of spamming others...

Speed/Hiraishin jutsu Vs Power/Strength. in reference to Minato Vs Hashirama and EMS Madara

Power/strength are physical skills that increase the force of a technique.
The more power one has, the more destructive force one can produce for their technique. ANd the stronger one is, the harder they can hit, more they can lift, ect.
The Obvious COUNTER to power/strength is Speed... Because what good is the most powerful/strongest technique in the universe if it cannot even hit the enemy beucase they have the SPEED to easily avoid it.

But, Speed. Speed is the Physical skill that allows one to effectively apply ones techniques as well as avoid the enemies which is what its about.
The more speed you have, the more effectively you can apply your techniques and avoid the enemies.
ANd when you have such a level of speed that the enemy cannot even Begin REACT to your attacks, much less track them. You are able to apply your technique at will pretty much...
Raikage said Minato is the only ninja faster than him. Someone at the summit mentioned that Raikage's chakra was at buuji levels during the summit. Killer B has buuji level chakra, 8 tail buuji, and his tentacle moved fast enough to knock his brother out of the way of Minato's kunai while Minato was already in the process of striking down at Rai's back. I'm referring to the manga panel you posted in the other thread. And I would assume that if you're trying to stab someone as fast as the Raikage in the back, you would do so as fast as you possibly can.

edit- Actually, I believe that Rai said that Minato was the only with comparable speed to him, but the point still stands. Buuji levels of chakra appears to be able to make for super fast ninja. As EOJ is quoted as stating in my sig, Minato was not short on chakra himself.

Power/strength and speed have been increased with chakra in this manga. The first Hokage has more chakra than Rai, Killa B, Minato, and everyone else except for Obito at the moment. The first Hokage thus has the potential to be more powerful/stronger and faster than Minato.
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