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Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Interesting, yes, Badass, yes, flawless, no. At the time he fought Sasuke, not even Pein had fought yet, but to far too many, he was a God. He was slightly overrated IMHO, until his Edo life kicked in, then he made up for a lot. See prior to that he was basically like Hiruzen... someone in story, fable, or supposed stats made him Billy Badass, but never on panel. Take Itachi, he didn't kill all of the Uchiha, he had help, and he never captured a jink/Bijuu, Kisame did. He never overthrew a nation (Sasori did), and in 2 attempts still never rid the shinobi world or his brother Sasuke of Orochimaru. Don't get me wrong, he was as pivotal to Sasuke as Jiriaya to Naruto, but a cutthroat ruthless killer he was not. He had the ability, it just wasn't in him, therefore in my book he never hit God status. That's been reserved for Hara with hype and powerboosts through the roof, sky, milky way... Just like Naruto, both were author gifted.
To be realistic, the power that puts Itachi on level with the big bad motherfuckers and makes him still stronger than Sasuke comes purely from the Sword of Totsuka and the Yata Mirror. The reason we barely saw anything from them is the ridiculous broken implications they could have. Imagine if the Yata were around against the Ten Tails pre-Juubito.

The shield can redirect the power of, by the word of god, literally any attack. Every bijuudama that the ten tails used could have been harmlessly redirected right back into its face. The Sword of Totsuka is a sealing mechanism no weaker than the Amber Purifying Pot but with the only restriction to its use being connecting with an attack with it. Which is fucking easy given that it's a sword with completely mutable form. Given this, the Totsuka is effectively a 100% guaranteed kill on any opponent that does not have the speed to overwhelm the Sharingan's sight and isn't just a path of Pain (this was like, the big debate way back when. Slightly less shitty times...).

Essentially, the spirit weapons were too damn OP to actually allow to remain in the story. Edo Madara? Who cares, seal the bastard, he'll fucking let you hit him. Oh no big damn meteor? Who gives a shit just cockblock that with your trusty mirror shield. They were a story-breaker power incarnate and that's exactly why Kishi removed them from the story as quickly as he could manage on both accounts.
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