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Re: One piece 720

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
In some fashion, lots of stuff that happened for Gol D. Roger, is equally happening to Luffy. I think WB was attempting to show the Younglings how to not only go up against the WG, during Marineford, but also showing they're devious tactics, they're lack of care, and utter disdain for Pirates, and they'll again unite I do feel, and all under the SH's IMHO, I may be wrong, but just a feeling I get. At some point its obvious that many would die, but WB was pressing on, passing his 'Will of Fire' if you will.
Once we really get into the New World things will pick up. We have the other rookies presently going after the Four Emperors. You also have Big Ma'am and Kaido as Luffy's next opponents. When Luffy beats either Big Ma'am or Kaido I think due to the oppressive state we have seen some countries in, many will want to join SH's to thank Luffy. We have heard about famine, countries starving, slaves and all the bad that goes along with power. As Luffy starts to pull the jenga blocks from under the WG/Navy and upper tiers people will recognize Luffy not as a bad guy but as a savior. Luffy hates the spotlight or being called a Hero but I think sooner or later he will learn with great power comes....He doesn't like to stay seated either so taking over either Emperor's territory is something he will leave to a Lieutenant or whatnot (non original SH members). We also have Noah being used in the future by Luffy....we still don't know how or when such will be needed. Either close to the finish of the manga or whenever Luffy grows up enough to want a big crew/followers.
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