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Re: Naruto_646

WTF! Kishi has been reading Fairy Tail and One Piece? Somewhat biblical lol, woman, tree, fruit and all the Pandora's box that comes along with it...So the Sage has a name and the Chakra /God Tree is the final form of the Juubi?? A beast who once controlled all the chakra....and wants all his chakra back...Man this reminds me of a shitty japanese manga...(not Naruto lol) All of this was written on the stone tablets?? Lord! Even God told Moses to write all the commandments on thirteen tablets. Sheesh how much is written on those damn Uchiha Tablets? What font did they use? Madara still believes he will be the one to use I/T. Naruto had his chakra sucked up so I guess it's Sasuke and Juugo's turn who still have active Naruto cloaks.

Originally Posted by DRAGONBPY View Post
So all chakra belonged to the Jubi? That just means that all shinobi have a common ancestor. Pretty sure someone did say Jubi was source of all chakra. And we see Hiruzen again who seems to have regenerated after being hit by the black chakra jutsu which means KYF's favourite shinobi Minato has a chance to regenerate his arms as well. This chapter made Minato look so weak.
Actually no...Hurizen was hit before Obito finished evolving....he was hit yeah with the black material but it wasn't the complete form Obito has now..which is what Tobirama was saying about Minato's arm not growing back.

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