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Re: Naruto_646

Originally Posted by Spiegel View Post
I don't really get why Kishi insists on slapping on adding all of these new information towards the end of the series. So a thousand years ago there were humans that didn't have chakra but because Rikudou Sennin's mom ate the true from the Juubi tree everyone on the planet now has chakra? But Rikudou Sennin went around teaching people how to use their chakra which later became known as ninjutsu. So...what the fuck?!
Actually a little feedback on the Sage of Six Paths was useful. All we knew about was the Juubi and the Sage being a jink. His children and how they relate to the story thus far. With the info Numinous provided about the combined myth's in this chapter..I found it kinda cool. A bit annoying but cool...We don't know how long he lived..was it a normal lifespan, long or shortened one due to the potent chakra? Now we know a little more about why he did what he did and his reasons for sealing the Juubi. He simply saw chakra as something that could be used for good. bottom page.

Tobirama is so sick of Minato's shit! lol

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
This chapter would have been a 4/5, but Kishi had throw in Hiruzen, making the chapter for me a 2/5. Just let people die off Kishi... for crying out loud... he's already supposed to be dead anyway!!!!!

He was still incomplete and still without the Sage's true techniques. He was not using the same jutsu for eradicating Ninjutsu. As the Third deduced its something similar to Oonoki's jutsu. Obito states after he transformed that he NOW has the power of the ancestor of all Shinobi. Thus able to nullify all ninjutsu making Edo bodies mortal. So Hurizen would still be safe for a return to the pages.

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