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Re: Attack on Titan 49

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
It was nice to have some action back. Backstory is a great thing, but it has to be done properly. I'm hoping Eren goes all Titan again.
Damn dude I was wondering would Irwin transform...Dude is the most patriot of all the soldiers. He is like "Don't worry about my fucking arm! GET EREN AND HOLD TRUE TO YOUR HEARTS!" "IMMA FUCKING KILL THIS TITAN AND JOIN YOU ALL SOON!" Like fuck homie! Give that dude a rainbow star...he deserves every color available. Eren def should of busted loose. Also why didn't Bert help? I mean I understand to help hold Eren at bay and keep a watchful eye on Christa. Shit Annie is alive and being tortured. Yeah man information is key esp when we have so much we still don't know about..

Real question
Why hasn't Annie,Ymir, Bert or Reiner went to Eren's old house to attempt to find what the good ole doctor was up to? Get whatever info there to weaken Eren as he isn't an ally......
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