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Re: One piece 721

Nice wee chapter to set up Rebecca backstory. I think there is a very good chance now for her to join the SH crew, in a way she will be similar to how Nami started out, and when I say this I mean when you remember way back Nami couldnt really fight at the start, she had some skills with a Bo Staff then that was upgraded to Clima Tact as we all know now shes badass. So next chapter we will probably get a look at how she fights in the arena. I think that she also might serve a similar role like Vivi she was looking to go with the crew at one point but stayed to be in her country, so there is a chance after Donflamigo is done that she might be the new Queen ? (( possibilty not saying its happening ))

Also Mr Soldier, I would like to throw in either its her Grandfather who was King before or is actually her Mother soul inside the toy. But I cant remember wasnt there something awhile ago with Mr Soldier and Franky talking about how people forget those whose souls are in the toys ?

Sucks were on a break I want to see more ! :P The front pages never fail to amuse me. The guy from Kaidou crew had been chasing Caribou for ages now to drink his mud !
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