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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

yes, because Tsunade has never gotten bruised or hurt before. /sarcasm

The healing isn't automatic, it's a jutsu that they activate as needed.

AUTOMATIC REGENERATION would be what the kyuubi charka does to Naruto. Naruto has no control on it, it's not his jutsu but a propriety of his very being.

No Hand signs =/= Automatic
Last i've seen, there are no medical ninjutsus that use hand signs.


  • lol and life energy makes people faster but normal chakra doesn't? Where are you getting this information? Please provide evidence to that claim.
  • You're using the First Hokage vs Madara fight to prove that he was slow? What the hell? Maybe he realized that being fast isn't going to do shit to stop Madara's Kyuubi or Susanoo?

  • The kyuubi chakra probably did increase Minato's speed and strength but it of course wouldn't change the speed of their techniques. (flying thunder god).

  • Minato isn't naturally faster than anyone else, he relies on the flying thunder god technique to be "fast". Which again suffers from the bottleneck that it relies on MInato actually tagging or using kunais to teleport too

What the hell good is SPEED for, when the first can spawn massive forests at will, there would simply be way to much foliage in the way for Minato to be able to use the flying thunder god techniques as an offensive mean.

Harashima would simply continuously spawn trees and control them to block kunais, and continuously change the fighting environment so Minato's Tags are never at the same places he sets them.

That would simply force Minato to get closer without relying on FTG and without that technique Minato is prettymuch more useless than Sasuke is right now in the manga.

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