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Re: One piece 721

Originally Posted by apacolypz View Post
I paid attention to that line as well. Maybe Becca may be trained in a fighting style similar to Mifune. Where she can attack fiercely and give her opponent zero chances to strike. She could def Dagaro have such an attack possibly haki infused. Something more than Vivi (Vivi didn't have anything but a pet big ass duck) and something less than Shirahoshi (powerful weapon)or whatever the princess from FMI. Becca may not be completely a greenhorn but she has a lot to learn. Not that Oda has defined any pattern in how he treats his Princesses, I think Rebecca may have something up her sleeve in terms of skill. I'd say her fighting style may be similar to having a byakugan..where she has a stance that presents almost zero openings/blind spots. Idk brain is just sprouting ideas lol anywhere i'll stop there.
I like this "stance" idea.

Can anyone list the big names in the fight other than Cavendish and Rebecca? Otherwise is it going to be those two one on one. Both swordsman so it made sense to me.
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