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Re: Naruto_646

Now, wait a second:

How the hell can this tree cast infinite tsukoyomi? This whole time they've been talking about it, I always assumed that Madara or Obito, once they became the Jink for the jyuubi, would then have the power to project their own tsukoyomi on the moon, meaning that it was their jutsu amplified by the jyuubi's power, but it's actually the Jyuubi's justu itself? How does that even work? THE MOON DIDN'T EXIST BACK WHEN THE JYUUBI WAS A TREE THE FIRST TIME. How could it possibly have had this genjutsu designed to be used on the moon if there was no moon?

And if the Treeyuubi was just going to get all pissed off if someone at the fruit....why make the fruit in the first place?
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