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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
I hope your trolling... WHen the manga shows exactly what I am claiming then how am I not right? It's the Accepting part you have trouble with obviously...
It's like you think the manga is some irrelevant thing that has no way to support my claims about it, thus criticize me for being convinced the manga can prove me right about a claim, about the manga itself... WTF...


I argue using manga panels/FEATS to support my claims... ANd you use Conjecture and fan fiction to support your argument yet I am lacking common sense and BIAS...

Your just mad because hashirama is not FAST!!! Manga proves he is not faster then Madara who could not even start to keep up with V1 raikage LMAO... and the manga panel I show here seems to mean nothing too.

So try to convince yourself that there is something wrong with me (using Feats/manga to support my claims) and not you (using conjecture and fanfiction to support your claims) all so you can keep believing that hashirama could actually compete against mInato's speed and is the greatest thing ever with top stats in everything because he is just so awesome.

LMAO, I choose to be ignorant and ignore common sense... W/e you can think what you want, but I am right about hashirama's level of speed because my conclusion is based off the manga proves hashirama cannot even keep up with Minato's physical speed/reflexes in the least...
The manga you keep talking about, the good book, is full of inconsistencies and contradictions. Killa B has already shown to move at least his tentacle faster than Minato can forcibly stab downward at a target just about a foot or so beneath him. Manga panels in this good book show only partial action that isn't always very graphic, and they sometimes change the story as the years pass. Common sense says that the strongest, most respected shinobi of any generation known to the current ninjas is the 1st Hokage, a man with more chakra than the almighty nine tails, and the same man who the manga bible showed us and has told us has made the Kyubbi, who stabbed Minato in the gut, his bitch in the past.

I actually get what you are saying about reflexes and manga panels and all that, but common sense still favors the almighty 1st Hokage. No matter how fast Minato is, reflexes and moving speed, there is no way that the 1st has no defense for Minato and cannot set a trap for Minato and all his speed and s/t jutsu. Kishi would never draw a fight scenario where Minato marks the 1st or the ground around the 1st and then kills the 1st on what would have to be his first try, since the first has inadequate speed and reflexes to at least defend himself, according to you. Common sense says that in a battle, there would be nothing Minato could do from which the first could not defend himself. And if the 1st is fast enough to defend himself, which he has the chakra to do longer than Minato has the chakra to keep attacking, the 1st has the better chance of winning the fight.
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