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Re: Naruto_646

Originally Posted by MrBIG View Post
This is how this manga is going to end:

Naruto is the reincarnation of the Sage of The Six Paths. When all hope is lost and it seems like the alliance is about to fall in defeat, Naruto accepting his fate/lost the Sage of the Six Paths appears to him (kind of like how Minato did when Naruto went beserk during the Pain arc).

The Sage offers to unlock Naruto's remaining power to match his. But it comes at a concequence, Naruto will die because of the enormous strain the charka will cause on his body.

Naruto accepts to sacrifice himself to save the ninja world and gains the Rinnegan.
Proceeds to toy around with Madara and Tobi and then one shots them with some crazy new sage attack or whatever.

Naruto dies and is made an honorary Hokage post-mortem.

basically just imagine "FINAL getsuga" in Bleach. It's not like Kishi has an original thought in his body.
You forgot something very important, that I've been expecting ever since the damned Gaara retrieval arc at the start of Shippuuden.

After Naruto dies, Tsunade gives her life to ressurect him like Chiyo did, and just before she does so, names him the 6th Hokage.
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