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Re: Naruto_646

Originally Posted by Xethorsiph View Post
You forgot something very important, that I've been expecting ever since the damned Gaara retrieval arc at the start of Shippuuden.

After Naruto dies, Tsunade gives her life to ressurect him like Chiyo did, and just before she does so, names him the 6th Hokage.
Yeah I know I def thought that....since Chiyo introduced it, someone will use such jutsu again and that jutsu would be to save Naruto....Though Tsunade dying at this point would be overly redundant... Kishi could of at least killed her off and still had her and Oro reconcile their differences. She could of been like,

Tsunade-"What! HOW CAN THIS BE Orochimaru?"

Oro-"To see you this way (turns his face) (turns back facing her with evil look) "You shed your sennin name! To think I came all this way to help you..kukukuk"

Tsunade-(she looks deep in his eyes) She smiles..."I see.... You could never hide your poker face from me Orochimaru!" "I can't explain it but I am glad you are here.. Please heal's the last favor you will ever owe me!"

Oro- pssft "You don't have long enough to pay me back.....Princess" "Since we have such a long history i'll allow you this last favor!"

Tsunade- "A hawk..doesn't die nesting..."
Oro-"A snake doesn't die crawling.."

Tsunade-"You must give this to will aide him greatly in defeating our foe!" "I know you believe this war doesn't involve you....though that mans dreams involves us all!" (hands Oro a tiny piece of paper with a formula written in black ink on it.) "He will lead the Alliance party towards a bright future."
"As Hokage!"
(she dies smiling)

Oro-(grabs the paper from her gripped hand) (He eyeballs it) (!!!!!)
"She means to save this for him...."

Orochimaru-"Naruto kun!"

end---bitch dies.....for the hundredth time lol

I also wrote a predic saying the same that the Sage of Six paths will appear like Minato (yeah lol I wrote that) and he will boost Naruto and make him understand what he needs to do. I do want to see a risk involved with taking on so much chakra at once. Hoping somebody dies to at least lift the rainbows I know are coming...
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