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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post

LMFAO, thanks for proving my point. The power of the Kyuubi is just like hashirama's which is why they react to each other. Yet, somehow Kyuubi's power automatically heals, but hashirama using the same type or power does not...
Lol now the Kyuubi and The First have the same healing technique????

Look at Karin UZUMAKI with her automatic regeneration. Look at those who suck on her chakra to heal wounds automatically and hashirama SENJU with the same power and bloodline of the Uzumaki... does the same thing...
Wow that's a stretch, Karin Uzumaki's healing ability first of all is unique, Tsunade and Harashima has shown no evidence of them possessing the same.

Not to mention Karin can't auto-magically heal herself, her arms are filled with scars and bite marks.

Oh geez, if one uses hand signs to willingly activate healing then if a shinobi doe snot have to even use hand sign, then they are able to AUTOMATICALLY heal... WHat is so hard about this... the mental gymnastics is legendary...
What are you even trying to debate now?

The question is this: Does the first hokage's healiing ability automatically activate without his knowledge

or is he able to mentally shut it off or on as needed.

and the answer is probably the latter.


1). Naruto's KCM is full of pure life energy
this does not prove that chakra doesn't increase people's speed.

2). Now, the more chakra you have, the more you can put into your shushin.
Basics of taijutsu is transferring your normal charka to your arms/feet/fist/legs to increase speed and strength.

However, despite having a Bijuu chakra close to Kurama powering his shushin. Minato with the power of about base naruto was able to move WAY faster then hashirama....
What makes you say this? Minato got to the battlefield first cause of his FTG capability.

3). Reflexes level correlates with levle of physical speed. Minato's reflexes are known to be like a flash and just happens to be super fast physically with a shushin so fast he disappears and reappears as well as allowed Minato to beat hashirama, tobirama and hiruzen by 30 seconds or more to the battle field... That is ALLOT faster...
Minato got to the battlefield first cause of his FTG capability
The First Hokage wasn't even Sage mode... -_-

REFLEXES Determine speed more then anything in the manga. Not raw chakra level. Hashirama himself proves that...-
1. I don't even think you understand what Reflexes are.

Reflex are a person's reaction to outside stimuli. Ability to dodge quick strikes without thinking would be a reflex.

How exactly is having good reflexes suppose to change how fast someone can get from a point A to B is something only you can come up with. Simply because you don't understand what the hell reflexes are and have created your own definition

In fact, you should try to educate yourself about the nervous system.
Increasing the speed of the nervous system would allow you to perceive outside stimuli much faster but your body response to them would still be slow. The speed at which you are capable of moving your body has nothing to do with your nervous system.

If you still dont understand: USAIN BOLT isn't the fastest man on earth because he some how acquired a fast nervous system. for God sakes, use your head.

2. I don't understand how you come to the conclusion that speed only relies on one factor.

The Raikage uses his lighting to increase the effectiveness of his body flicker technique which increases his speed.

Thank you for pointing this out cause this is another example where chakra increases someone's speed directly.

Raikage increases the speed of his nervous system to gain the ability to REACT quicker. His FOOT SPEED and ability to accelerate quickly comes from using his lightning chakra to increase his body flicker technique.

have you forgotten the taijutsu battle before the huge scale jutsu battle
I don't know how you used these panels to determine that Hashimara and Madara are slow.


V1 raikage any better then C2 Juugo did....
1. Raikage is fast, even Minato said the same.
2. Madara was toying with the kages the entire battle.
3. Madara even explicitely said that fighting the kages at the same time was nothing compared to his fight with Hashimara.

4. You seem to forget that Madara managed to catch a full speed Raikage by only using his Susanoo.

minato's speed/reflexes, strength, power, ect has not increased since going KCM for some reason. Even now while he is out of chakra, he is still in KCM showing there is a problem...

he Beat hashirama, tobiram and hiruzen by more then 30 seconds in a race with shushin...
Do you have proof he didn't FTG his way to the battlefield?
Minato's Shushin is so fast that he Disappears then reappears in a perceived Instant as shown here:
I hope you understand that the Body Flicker technique is entirely depended on the users charkra right?

Due to the throwing speed of his Kunai (minato was able to throw a Kunai to the sea form the ucrrent battle field in a matter of sceonds, fucking fast!!)
Minato can use FTG level 2 to get above the battle field, use his snesing skills to find the real hashiram and use another FTG level 2 to instant blitz him either tagging him for the eventual win or killing him with that attack...
Damn if thats the case Minato should of just thrown kunais at madara and tobi's heads because its so damn fast, nobody can dodge them. He would of ended the fight 5 seconds in!!! /sarcasm

Oh wow lets not forget how Tobi easily blocked Minato and then even managed to lay a strike on him while he was setting up his haraishin.

Shit if Minato was as fast as you claimed, Tobi wouldnt even have had time to react. But evidently this isn't the case.

Minato was simply out matched. The end result would of been the same against the First.
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