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Re: Naruto_646

Originally Posted by 4th Hokage View Post
I personally don't think Masashi would kill off the sole star of the Manga but then again he did say the ending would shock all.

I think if it came to it though he might have both Naruto and Sasuke die in battle against foes.
Yeh, I know what you're saying, but it would tie in with his whole bonds theme.

For example;

Naruto dying scenario:

Naruto sacrifices for sasuke, requesting ( or demanding or even appointing himself if he has become the Kage by that time) that sasuke be the next hokage.
His feelings and sacrifice for sasuke persuade the leaf to let him back in once again. He becomes the Kage and protects the leaf as per narutos request (and his own desire to protect it) which contrasts what happened between hashi and Madarra.

Sasuke dying scene:
This is straightforward really, sasuke sacrifices to save naruto to protect that bond of friendship that has been re ignited and also because of his desire to protect the leaf now. He tells naruto to protect and nurture the dreams that they now share Of a new world etc etc. naruto becomes hokage and sasuke is revered as a ninja who died for the leaf. Again in contrast to hashi and Madarra.

How I'd see either of these scenes happening?
Aftr Tobi and Madarra are both defeated, whoever is the final boss would throw one final attack as they died (a bit like Danzou) which would require one of them to save the other.
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