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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Originally Posted by MrBIG View Post
Wow that's a stretch, Karin Uzumaki's healing ability first of all is unique, Tsunade and Harashima has shown no evidence of them possessing the same.
Not to mention Karin can't auto-magically heal herself, her arms are filled with scars and bite marks.
Karin heals without the use of hand seals just like tsunade and hashirama... Kabuto shows her healing here with himself after integrating her ability into himself.. Hea heals his snake tail that was cut without the use of hand seals, thus is using automatic regeneration of karin's.

What are you even trying to debate now?

The question is this: Does the first hokage's healiing ability automatically activate without his knowledge

or is he able to mentally shut it off or on as needed.

and the answer is probably the latter.
Your conclusion makes no sense... How can you mentally shut off healing when your body automatically reacts to injuries by restoring/regenerating itself... It is just that hashirama cannot heal vital organs and such, thus a Kunai to the chest was going to kill him...

this does not prove that chakra doesn't increase people's speed.
Basics of taijutsu is transferring your normal charka to your arms/feet/fist/legs to increase speed and strength.
What makes you say this? Minato got to the battlefield first cause of his FTG capability.
1). One focuses chakra to the feet to increase speed yes, but that does not mean when one gains a shit load of chakra, it will make them that much faster... Reflexes has been corrlated to speed more then anything and I have alreayd explained this as well as shown supporting evidence form the manga, but it clearly got ignored if you are still arguing this.

2). Minato got to the battle field using SHUSHIN!!! WHich everyone knows, what manga are you reading? Minato's physical speed is way beyond that of the three other hokage's and this proved it..

Minato could not teleport to the battle field with no tags/seals there... duh...

And SM is not shown to increase the speed of hashirama... Only his output of mokuton, canon!!!
If hashirama is so much faster in MS then why was he so easily intercepted by edo madara here, who is not even fast enough to possibly compete against v1 raikage's speed.

See what you claim and what the manga shows are two different things...

1. I don't even think you understand what Reflexes are.

Reflex are a person's reaction to outside stimuli. Ability to dodge quick strikes without thinking would be a reflex.

How exactly is having good reflexes suppose to change how fast someone can get from a point A to B is something only you can come up with. Simply because you don't understand what the hell reflexes are and have created your own definition

In fact, you should try to educate yourself about the nervous system.
Increasing the speed of the nervous system would allow you to perceive outside stimuli much faster but your body response to them would still be slow. The speed at which you are capable of moving your body has nothing to do with your nervous system.
OMG are you serious? The quicker the nervous system's synapses fire, the quicker the reflexes... The quicker the reflexes the quicker one can activate one's muscles to move and explode... Reflexes are not just for defense, they determine over all speed...

Your understanding of reflexes=physcal speed is ridiculously low...

2. I don't understand how you come to the conclusion that speed only relies on one factor.

The Raikage uses his lighting to increase the effectiveness of his body flicker technique which increases his speed.

Thank you for pointing this out cause this is another example where chakra increases someone's speed directly.
1). Of course you have to have the muscle strength to move as well, but reflexes and nervous system are the main part.

2). Raikage did not INCREASE his just normal CHAKRA, he Increased his LIGHTNING chakra, thus more lightning to increases the speed of his synapses to fire off even faster to make him even faster...

His CHAKRA level has nothing to do with his speed, just the nature of his chakra and how it activates his nervous system... Lol... Where are you getting this shit from? The manga clealry states Lightning chakra increases the sysnapses for greater speed... Not chakra itself does...

I don't know how you used these panels to determine that Hashimara and Madara are slow.
1. Raikage is fast, even Minato said the same.
2. Madara was toying with the kages the entire battle.
3. Madara even explicitely said that fighting the kages at the same time was nothing compared to his fight with Hashimara.
LAMO, Edo madara with his EMS chakra level Plus hashirama chakra level could not even possibly compete against V1 riakage as seen here:

Thus madara was forced to HIDE in susanoo to block the speed of raikage like sasuke was before. ANd for some reason, Kihsi never let raikage go V2 supermode, you can check. He let tsuchikage get on rai to increases his speed to v2 level, but never actually let raikage go into V2 supermode for osme reason which added with tsuchikage increase would have made raikage a serious htreat against anything other then perfect susanoo..

4. You seem to forget that Madara managed to catch a full speed Raikage by only using his Susanoo.

LMFAO, you think madara is fast because he caught raikage while he was sitting still bitching at tsunade about fighting like shit .... WTF... Thus, madara caught a distracted, stationary V1 raikage... Wow, madara is amazing...

Oh wow lets not forget how Tobi easily blocked Minato and then even managed to lay a strike on him while he was setting up his haraishin.

Shit if Minato was as fast as you claimed, Tobi wouldnt even have had time to react. But evidently this isn't the case.

Minato was simply out matched. The end result would of been the same against the First.

1). V1 Juubito is>hashirama as hashi admitted himself LMAO... ANd mInato easily brushed his attack off, even his clone too while busy focusing on the new jutsu. Yet hashirama, who is even weaker will hit mInato...
2). V2 Juubito is stronger then V1, thus>>hashirama and it took his level as a shinobi coupled with a failed kunai defense and Minato already holding back not trying to hurt his former student just to hit mInato...

And yet somehow hashriama who minato could give a shit about is going to hit minato when it took a filed Kunai defense against a shinobi way stronger then hashirama just to hit mInato... LAMO, you must be special with such a conclusion as that...

A shinobi way stronger then hashirama coupled with a failed Kunai defense and tyring not to hurt his former student allowed mInato to be hit for the first time in combat, thus hashirama must be able to do the same...?

This is why I really do not like debating with you.. You find this^^ a logical conclusion...

No matter how POWERFUL/STRONG you are. If you cannot CATCH your Enemy, all you POWER/STRENGTH is no more USEFUL then a squirt gun....
And if You cannot possibly TRACK/REACT to your enemies attacks to Defend yourself, then how can you possibly stop him from DEFEATING you at WILL...


People live relying on they're Knowledge and Perception, and thus are bound to them.....
Those Boundaries are what they tend to accept as "Reality".....
However..... Knowledge and Perception are both ambiguous....
so "Reality" could be nothing more....
then an illusion....

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