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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Lol, I doubt you and education does not mix if all those panles mean nothing to you...
Yea yea, moving the goal posts is a common fallacy... Need better evidence then there already is unreasoble BS...
I like how you never actually addressed the evidence I gave you. =]

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Your ignoring the point again. Madara said tsunade's healing jutsu paled in comparison to hashirama's before she used genesis rebirth and 100 jutsu... So there is no way in fuck that he could have been referring to hashi's healing jutsu beyond jutsu he has never seen from tsunade....
I'm not the only one ignoring points. You think Hashi needs to go full mitosis regeneration Tsunade. Based on what Madara is saying, maybe his basic regen is greater than Tsunade since, you know, he's basing it on that alone not some super powered up regen. Comparing that is like comparing apples and oranges. I don't believe I have to break it down so simple for you but here it goes: say Tsunade had a passive healing ability named "Passive healing ability" and Hashirama possessed the same ability, but Tsunade still has it at level 3 out of 5 levels. The big boss Madara sama is doing 10k damage Tsunade has 50k hp and the healing ability does 5k every three secs and Madara sees her life falling below 50%(minding he attacks every three secs.) now Hashirama has his skilled maxed and heals 10k HP every three secs and for argument's sake let's say he had the same HP and Madara sama is acting all big and bad again and every time he attacks Hashi he heals it right back so his hp is 100% ALL. THE. TIME. If you don't understand this then........

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Seriously, going to play blind are we...

Automatic regeneration is being bale to regenerate without the use of hand seals which tsunade has with Genesis rebirth and 100 jutsu, and hashirama was said to have the exact same kind of healing, without the need of hand seals, thus automatic...

And here, the ONLY evidence of hashirama's healing ability shown with a hashirama clone body attached to Obito and it AUTOMATICALLY heals the burns and scuff on the hashirama clone arm....

See, it's fucking automatic... The fact that it does not needs hand seals which is the willing activation of healing. Then, if one can heal without the use of hand seals then clearly the healing it automatic!!!!

Why is common sense such a rarity with you people?

It's already done, but I am rahter sure the outcome will just be "Noo, nuhuhhhhhh, spppppppppppp"
I wish we all could contradict ourselves like you just did. No hand seals=/= automatic. Rasengan is automatic too? Amaterasu is automatic too? You see why your argument makes no sense?
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