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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Vengeance, you should fix your second quote, it was KYF that said that, not me. (Funny, considering he stupidly thought the first quote was his and asked who made the argument. Further proof he doesn't read what other people write)
Yeah my second comment was simply a general response to the topic title while somewhat ignoring the dumbass hidden meaning behind the thread which is just another Minato is god tier based only on speed alone(because I just think the whole argument is stupid). Just wanted to point out that other factors need to be taken into account when discussing "speed" vs "power".

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
For clarity's sake, I wasn't arguing extremes because, like you said, it's noobs who argue such things. But in the great schemes of things, defense is still the most valuable of assets to have and, in plenty of games with PvP, offensive items have defensive stats on them like health, armor and others (like resilience in WoW, life steal in LoL, etc).
Hehe LoL... Yeah I fancy myself a jungler (Sejuani, Elise, Evelynn, Xin, Fiddlesticks) and don't mind supporting(Leona[shield&sword FTW], Zyra, Sona, Janna, Soraka, & soon to be Thresh) so long as the adc isn't a complete retard. LoL can be a mind numbing game to play because of the community to say the least.

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
QFT, because it isn't anyone who is able to dish out lots of damage without getting themselves under a barrage of attacks.

I fancy myself the unappreciated healbot position. Not the most glamorous of roles, but I prefer to handle it myself than to die a lot because the healer is too busy yelling at the tank.
Yeah depending on the game I find myself building like a selfish solo player. If I were to do a Clerical role I find myself building like a Battle Cleric or "Paladin" instead of pure heal bot. Battle Cleric types (depending on the game) tend to have retarded god-like solo clear potential and can still work in groups so long as they're aware of how you actually built up. My mind set on the issue is if you(you being the glass cannon mage or dps warrior/berserker who never fucking dodges) need to rely on a healer to get ANYTHING done in-game then you yourself need to improve on your playstyle and manors. Pure healers tend to get little-no respect(Which is why I'll be greedy and play them Offensive) from the average player which is a shame considering that they tend to be the backbone of almost all team setups.

In terms of Glass Cannons like with say Mages I tend to build more towards utility CC over raw damage. Like taking advantage of skills that would stun, slow, knockdown, and or otherwise disable opponents. Adds to your survivability while in solo play since I tend to be that selfish player.

Defender/Knight types is where its at for me though. So long as I can shield bash (regardless of the game) I'm a happy camper. Again I play more unconventional builds(for solo play and pvp) by focusing mainly on damage and maneuverability while taking advantage of the classes naturally high hp&def rates from chain/platemail and shield. Call me an Offender or Offensive-Tank. But again depends on the game.

Monster brawl brought to you by Claymore.

Originally Posted by liondemon View Post
Yeah vengeance, if i could giuve rep to your o so epic post too i would, but unfortunately I have already repped your greatness already so i cannot either. Just wanted u to know im on your cock now too
Originally Posted by AOTKorby View Post
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Originally Posted by batonnoir View Post
1) There may well be some literary or map correlation between the Uzumaki and Ireland.
Check out this awesome manga called Magi.

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