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Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Um one moar complaint, since Juugo, and Sasuke just got some of that Kyuub juice, why aren't they in dire straits, crying for they're lives, and shouldn't Jyuubs be attacking Madara, and Harashirma the most? I know math, they have the most chakra of any single characters with exception of maybe Naruto, so why kill the fodder for simple effect?
Considering that 3 of the big 4 (Akira, Kishi, and Kubo) are horrible at this concept (haven't read OP, so don't know how Oda does it), but Isayama Hajime (author of SnK) so far has done a great job of not falling into this trap. Arakawa Hiromu also did a great job with this in FMA.
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