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Well, been giving it some thought, so here goes.

Another Specialist Prediction

-Whatever it Takes!

(Obito looks down upon the beaten and battered alliance as he stands upon his perch without peer.)

Obito: “This world will never know peace, I am the only way.” (As Obito begins to make a handseal, he is engulfed in black flames. The flames soon dissipate as Obito looks down and locks eyes with Sasuke. Meanwhile, Sasuke steps forward.)

Sasuke: “I can’t let Naruto have all of the fun.” (The scene switches over to Naruto and the group’s location from below Sasuke and Juugo. Naruto struggles to get to his feet, but he does so.)
Naruto: “Sasuke!?”

(The scene focuses on Sasuke. He closes his eyes, he remembers Naruto going into Sage mode, and with the help of the 2nd Hokage, nailing Obito with a Rasengan. Sasuke also recalls Naruto and Minato in their cloaked states bumping fists, and then fast forwarding to the combined Rasengan attack utilized by Yin and Yang Kyuubi forms. The flashbacks cut just as Sasuke opens his eyes and comes to a realization. Sasuke looks back at Juugo.)

Sasuke: “There’s a favor I have to ask.”

Juugo (Juugo smirks then shakes his head): “You don’t have to ask me anything, consider your wishes of me as an extension of my existence.”
Sasuke: “Hmph.

(Sasuke looks over to the group and calls out Sarutobi.)

Hey, old man, cover me and Juugo, I have a plan to even the playing field a little!"

(Numerous large tree branches erupt from the ground to strike at Sasuke and Juugo, by that same token, Minato and the 2nd Hokage rushes off with Naruto, to take him to safer location. Sasuke encases himself and Juugo within Susano-o and launches into the air, using the flaming arrows from his bow to pick off any and all tree branches that make their way at them. Meanwhile, Sarutobi expertly ducks, dodges, and hops over reoccurring branches that are coming his way. He then spots Sasuke in the distance on top a cliff and rushes towards that direction as he mows down any and all tree branches with his pole in hand by viciously slashing vertically and horizontally.

The scene switches over to Obito’s location. He appears annoyed.)

Tobi: As much power as I’ve gained since becoming the Juubi’s host, I can’t use the God Tree to attack while also using it to activate the Tsukuyomi. Fine, it will be the last time I’ll ever get to enjoy using its might, once the new world is upon us, such a thing known as ninjutsu will be pointless.”

(Elsewhere, Naruto’s arms are around the necks of Minato and the 2nd Hokage as they proceed. From all angles, sharpened branches intend to shred them into pieces. The 2nd Hokage lets go of Naruto.)

2nd Hokage: “Stay close to me at all times. (The 2nd begins making handseals.) Baku Suishouha!”

(An enormous amount of water is expelled from the 2nd Hokage’s gullet and once it hits the ground it rises up and twists and spins as it shatters and washes away the branches that aim to impale. Shortly later, the entire area, even up to about a quarter of the way up the God Tree’s trunk, is encased in a large body of water. Naruto, Minato, and the 2nd Hokage floats to the surface of the water. Naruto is immediately concerned.)

Naruto: “Hey, what about everyone else!?” (The 2nd Hokage smirks.)
2nd Hokage: “No concern necessary. The waves move as my hands do. Everyone is safely washed to shore.” (Both Minato and Naruto are simply amazed.)

Minato: “The history books don’t give enough credit to my predecessors.” (As stated by the 2nd Hokage, hundreds of ninja are washed out of the water, a top view of the surroundings attests to the fact. The scene switches back to Obito’s location. He looks down upon the large body of water that his risen so far up the trunk of his perch.)

Obito: “2nd aims to counter the God Tree’s attacks. I’ll deal with him first, the kid can wait.” (Obito jumps off of the summit and heads straight towards the 2nd Hokage’s location, meanwhile, the 2nd Hokage turns to face Naruto and Minato.)

2nd Hokage: “Get out of here, he’ll likely end me.” (Naruto shows deep concern.)

Naruto: “BUT!”

2nd Hokage: “Stop it, live to fight another day. Even a low survival rate is better than no survival rate at all. (Naruto resists but Minato grabs him tightly and rushes off.) Ha. I’m always picking up the slack of these whippersnappers, first Sarutobi, now this punk kid. But… It’s better they survive. Because if they die, who’s going to pick up everyone else’s slack?”

(Sarutobi floats on his back as he watches Obito free fall towards the 2nd Hokage.)

Sarutobi: “If it all ends here, there’s no doubt that we fought to the last breath, but will it really end? (Sarutobi looks over towards Susano-o’s location that sits in shallow waters.) Can this lone Uchiha rally the fire we need to keep our will in the fight?”

(The scene switches to Sasuke’s location within the Susano-o. Juugo’s arm is joined to Sasuke’s chest. Sasuke has a flashback to Juugo saving him from Killer Bee’s onslaught by giving him is body material. The flashback also cuts to Kabito’s speech about Juugo’s clan having ties to natural energy. The flashback cuts to the present. Juugo is the size of an emaciated child; he collapses to the ground and shivers uncontrollably.)

Juugo: “There, even if I go, I’ll always be a part of you. The one who represents all that I am worth. Maybe at some place in time, we can…” (Juugo envisions him and Kimimaro shaking hands, shortly later, Juugo’s eyes close. Sasuke’s eyes are closed as he goes into thought.)

Sasuke (in thought): “Juugo, I’m sorry. One life for the survival of countless more, you would have made ninja like my brother proud. And now, for the first time it’s my time to make my brother proud.” (Sasuke opens his eyes, revealing the Rinnegan.)

Next Time: Sparks
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