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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Bleach 528 & 529: The Last Quincy

Scene opens where it left off in soul society.

Ryuken stands facing off against Logain. He stands quite relaxed with his left hand in his pocket and his right hand holding his cigarette.
Logain has a slightly surprised look on his face as he stares at Ryuken.

Logain: So you are Ishida Ryuken, hmph, his majesty speaks highly of you, even if you have chosen to forsake the Quincy.

An arrow explodes into Logain’s back making him stumble forward a step.

Ryuken: Lesson 1, Children should not involve themselves in the matters of adults…and lowly Arrancars should know better than to speak of the Quincy in front of me.
Logain: ?!!

Logain stares at Ryuken who hasn’t moved an inch or even changed his stance. His face however has gone deathly serious.

Logain: (How did he?! He hasn’t created a bow or even flinched! How did he get that arrow behind me?!) …So, you noticed I was an Arrancar.

Ryuken takes another long slow drag from his cigarette.

Logain: You realise don’t you that you don’t stand a chance against me, against any of us.
Logain: huh, thanks to his Majesties techniques we have far surpassed you and your archaic way of doing things. We are the new Quincy! You should just die out already “last Quincy”!!

Ryuken has a flashback of when he was slightly younger, he stands before his father who is holding out a pentagram medallion

Ishida Souken: You have now inherited all my techniques Ryuken, it is time for you to learn the true history of the Quincy.
Ryuken: ??

Flashback changes to a time slightly further ahead.

Ishida Souken: Always remember the path we have chosen Ryuken and why, honour our choice.
Ryuken: Yes father
Ishida Souken: The right path to tread is never the easiest. The easiest path may bring the quickest rewards but never the most.
Ishida Souken: never let the allure or glamour distract you from the truth, last quincy.

The flashback ends as another arrow strikes Logain in the back making him stagger forward.

Logain: argh (there is definitely nobody else here, so how is he shooting me?!)
Ryuken: Lesson 2, children should know better than to preach to their seniors…and they should never fail to learn Lesson 1.
Logain:… I’m gonna-
Ryuken: I have no desire to dirty my hands with you any more than I have to, so you get this one chance. Return the stolen medallion and skulk back to hueco mundo if you wish to live.

Logain suddenly disappears and appears flying 100 yards behind Ryuken. His bow is already formed in his hand and 3 huge arrows are already halfway to striking Ryuken.
The ground beneath Ryuken’s feet explodes outward into a cloud of dust. Ryuken goes flying straight up into the air narrowly dodging the arrows, he still has one hand in his pocket whilst he takes a drag from his cig. His movement seems completely effortless.

Logain: ?! I didn’t see him move again, so what was that explosion and why did he go flying up into the air...did he shoot an arrow into the ground?!!
Ryuken: you can use Hirenkyaku fairly well considering your handicap. I’m quite impressed, If I had to grade you I’d give you a 4.

Logain halts, watching as Ryuken casually falls down headfirst towards the ground, at the last minute Ryuken twists and lands on his feet.
Logain: my handicap? What handicap?!

Ryuken Suddenly appears standing with one foot on Logain’s shoulder. The cigarette is in his mouth now and with his right hand he is spinning a de-activated seele Schneider on his index finger.
Ryuken: That you’re not a Quincy of course.

Logain vanishes, re-appearing about 50 yards away facing towards Ryuken.

Ryuken: That one was much scruffier; you get a 2 for that.
Logain: (even though he has not advanced any of his techniques his skills are nothing to be sniffed at, I can’t even follow his movements and yet he doesn’t even seem to be trying).
Ryuken: decided to take the sensible option yet…?
Logain: Your skills are certainly impressive, though it’s my own fault for taking the title of ‘last Quincy’ so lightly.
Logain: I should have realised that there was only one way we could fight here, by the very techniques that you forsook.

Logain grips his medallion and raises his hand high, a beam of light shoots out from the ground, rising high forming a pentagram at the top. Wings grow out of Logains back as his form changes and a pentagram appears over his head like a hat.

Scene changes to Hueco Mundo with Aizen still facing off against Juha Bach.

Joushiro: *Bankai*!!

Juha Bach looks in the direction of Joushiro in surprise. An explosion of reitsu spreads out in a circle from Joushiro. The mass of troops surrounding him get blasted back in all directions, even Shunsui gets pushed back with the force of the reiatsu. As Joushiro straightens up from his fighting stance nothing seems to have changed about his attire. Both his swords look exactly the same apart from two things. They are no longer connected by the rope as they were in Shikai form. Their colour has also changed, one has a black hilt and white blade whilst the other has a black blade and white hilt. Behind him in the air (similar to Hitsugaya’s bankai) 9 huge cards (similar to the ones that were linking his swords in shikai form but larger) are floating in the air. They are arrayed like a diamond, 3 in the middle, 2 above and below them, and a single one above and below those.
Juha Bach turns to look at Aizen

Juha Bach: So you think you can stop me from taking his Bankai?
Aizen: Hmmmm, I think I already have. As I see it you have to be stationary to steal it from him and the process may be fast but I doubt its instant.
Juha Bach: …
Aizen: So the question is if you can’t dodge, then do you think your Blut Vene is strong enough to block my attack?
Juha Bach: …and what makes you think that his Bankai can remove a technique that I created to seal Yamamoto himself?

Aizen smiles at Juha Bach as he speaks as if he finds his question extremely funny.

Aizen: Well, as I think it has just been proven, it’s not always about power and strength but about having the right counter for your opponent.
Juha Bach:…
Aizen: and in any case, the bankai of Ukitake taicho has a splendid ability.
Juha Bach: So you know what it is.
Aizen: I’ve read of it, though it will be my first time seeing Namiutsu umi to ikari no name.
Juha Bach: the rippling sea…and waves of rage…
Aizen: Indeed, it is very like his shikai with a few significant changes however.

Bach tenses and directs his gaze to joushiro once more. Joushiro is running towards Ichigo, all the soldiers near him have been blown away, yet there still remains a good six lines of troops blocking his way to Ichigo. Bach looks back at Aizen.

Juha Bach: And what would these changes be?

Aizen stares at Bach in confusion for a moment and then a look of surprise crosses his face, he turns to look at Joushirou. Shunsui has blown away the troops blocking the way, Joushiro leaps forward and strikes towards. There is an almighty explosion as everything and everyone in or around the barrier is blown high up into the air. You see Joushiro, unconscious, the highest of them all now falling, his swords slipping out of his hands.
Aizen turns to look once again at Bach who now has a massive grin across his face.

Aizen: So you were just playing the fool and toying with us.
Juha Bach: Namiutsu umi to ikari no name, a Bankai that absorbs any expelled force, be it reiatsu or merely the physical force of a slash, and stores it in one of its 9 Talismans. From which the users reiatsu can be added to increase the power or speed and then released at will. It truly is a splendid ability.
Juha Bach: and if you wish to look at anyone with those admonishing eyes then maybe look at yourself. You were aware that I knew what his bankai was and yet still you let me lead you into this trap. I don’t think you were so naïve in the past Aizen.
Juha Bach: so, did you have a plan B?

Scene change to soul Society

Logain: Look upon it! The Quincy Volstandig that you chose to reject. The pinnacle of a Quincies ability taken to new heights and yet you chose to reject it just because it was created by his majesty.

Logain disappears again this time appearing right behind Ryuken and grabbing both of his arms just above the wrists and pulling them back and apart so he can’t move.

Logain: and now you can’t shoot any arrows. Do you see now what you rejected, what we gladly accepted? This is how easy it was to take out the last Quincy and with this you and your antiquated ideals will die out with you.

Ryuken’s head is tilted slightly downwards as if he is looking down at the ground. His face looks sad more than anything else. He lets out a long sigh.
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