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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread


Ryuken: …I do not like my elders being spoken ill of, so before the end I’ll enlighten you.
Ryuken: Your Quincy Vollstanding wasn’t some crowning achievement for the Quincy, it was despicable abomination.
Ryuken: there were two reasons why the Quincies chose to reject your master and this ability. One, though it increases your ability to absorb reiatsu you lose the ability to control it.
Logain: Control it? What are you talking about?
Ryuken: Since you were never a Quincy you’d never know, a Quincy can control what reitsu they take and how much they take. In this way they can ensure they do not cause any harm to any living thing. However your ability, especially Sklaverei, takes every last shred of reitsu from any of the targets around you, completely destroying and eradicating them, this is abhorrent to a Quincy whose mission is to protect.
Ryuken: and the main reason why we rejected your Quincy Vollstanding is because it was a path leading us to weakness and decadence.
Logain: You still say this whilst I hold you at my mercy?!
Ryuken: Hard work always triumphs over easy gain, didn’t you know that. No matter whether it is strength, speed, reflexes, whatever it is, and your ability is just the easy way out.
Logain: huh, as if-
Ryuken: Rule Number 13; a Quincy that requires his hands to fight is not a true Quincy.

Ryuken kicks out his right leg in front of him and at the same time raises the heel of his left higher into the air standing only on the front part of his foot. A massive bow appears between his feet with an arrow aiming down the middle, the string being pulled back by the toe of the right foot whilst the heel of the left holds against the centre of the bow making it tilt up with it. The arrow fires at Logain’s chest at point blank range and explodes covering the area dust. Ryuken appears about 30 or so feet away from it still standing at ease.
As the dust clears you see Logain standing roughly where he was before, his left arm and shoulder are no longer there. His chest is blackened singed from the explosion. He stands there panting looking towards Ryuken.

Ryuken: you managed to move just enough so you didn’t take it in the chest, your reaction is impressive.
Logain: How…How can you be this strong without Vollstanding. Even my Blut Vene couldn’t stop it!!
Ryuken: I’ve already said it, your Vollstanding is a weakness. Your master wished to rebuild the Quincy, but he did not wished to take the time it takes to train them properly, even if he was willing, there are not many people who have the talent and the mental traits to become a full quincy. His answer to this was the Vollstanding.
Logain:… I don’t-
Ryuken: Even amongst all the quincy in our prime there were only a few that could attain what is the pinnacle of our abilities. Those that were considered to have the potential to go all the way were presented with the Sanrei glove.
Logain: huh
Ryuken: It seems you know of that too, but I suppose your master saw it fit to only tell you about the basics of it.
Ryuken: The glove is the Quincies most precious training tool. You may be aware of the first part of the training and what happens if you were to take it off.
Logain: The letzt Stil
Ryuken: The letzt Stil was a side effect of taking the glove off early not an ability of it.
Logain: taking it off early?
Ryuken: The initial stage of the training with the senrei glove and the Letzt Still were the only things that the majority of normal qunicy knew. This was simply because in 95 % of cases these were the end results. What they weren’t aware of was that there were further stages of training past the initial stage if the user had the skill to advance that far before they were forced to use the Letzt Still.
Ryuken: A Quincy that has mastered the ability to control his reiatsu to such an extent that he is not burned out by the removal of the glove has taken the first step towards reaching the absolute heights of a Quincy.

Logain stands there panting looking at Ryuken for a few seconds. He slowly raises his right arm straight up once more, holding out his pentagram.

Logain: So what, we’re the bad little boys because we found an easier way and you’re the good little boy who trained harder for longer? It makes no difference!! We will still win this war and you will still go to your grave, thanks to this!!
*Bankai! Koko Gonryo Rikyu*!!

A bolt of lightning bursts out from the medallion and shoots into the sky transforming into a dome of lightning far above his head. A large number of lightning pillars fasten it to the ground. A single pillar reaches from the top of the dome toward the sky which has now significantly darkened.

A bolt of lightning shoots down striking towards Ryuken, as it almost reaches his head it veers sharply curving down around him to strike the ground at his feet, it travels the ground around him forming a circle. the effect it leaves behind is as if Ryuken has a dome of lightning surrounding him.

Logain:!! How…how is it possible? Not even Sklaveri could absorb reishi fast enough to stop a lightning bolt!

Ryuken raises his hand slighty, palm up, to about chest height, you can see the reishi being absorbed around his hand.

Ryuken: I’m not stopping it.
Ryuken: Stopping it would take up too muich energy and would still cause some damage. However, for someone who has completely mastered the ability to control reishi, diverting it is simple enough.

Logains eyes focus on the electricity continuously swirling Ryukens feet.
Logain: You…can deflect such powerful reishi? And control it long enough to absorb it??!

Ryuken sighs, he moves his right foot slightly ahead of him. He curls inward the thumb and the two small fingers in his right hand, he tenses his middle and forefinger and pulls them up slightly.
High above logain a humongous bow appears with an equally large arrow drawn.

Logain: (This is just like bach sama’s?!!!)
Ryuken: You were right earlier of underestimating the title of the ‘ last Quincy’.
Logain:…please don’t-
Ryuken: it does not naively refer to something as merely the last of the quincy
Logain: I-
Ryuken: it refers to the last true Quincy master left alive in this world!

Ryuken mimics a releasing motion with his fingers and the arrow fires down from the sky, it blasts through the dome and crashes down upon Logain obliterating everything in a blaze of light.

Scene Change to Hueco Mundo

Aizen is still facing off against Juha Bach, the rest of the battlefield seems to be focused on one are which is around Zaraki Kenpachi. You can see no sign of the other two captains.

Aizen: It seems as if I have no other choice but to put my life on the line.

Aizen sheathes his sword.

Bach: ?! I may not understand your intent Aizen, but ask yourself, is there any point? I will fight and defeat Kurosaki Ichigo at my leisure so what purpose does it serve for you die trying to release him.

Aizen smiles as he puts his hands together as if about to pray.

Aizen: You have your plans as I’m sure he has his.

A voice can suddenly be heard speaking high above over where Ichigo is trapped. It sounds eerily like Aizens.

Aizen: "Seeping crest of turbidity. Piercing blade, shattering shield. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil forth and deny! Rise and sink, pull and throw!

Bach looks in the direction of the voice in surprise and then back at Aizen. The image of Aizen wavers as if an image in water rippling.

Bach: Are those-!!

Bach flies towards the direction of the voice, he brings out his sword as he’s flying raising it high above him readying it to strike.
Joushiro suddenly appears in front of him holding out both his swords. His clothes are torn and tattered and he looks pretty roughed up but still capable of fighting. The 9 talismans behind him are all full.

Bach: ?!
Joushiro: You were aware of what my bankai was, you should have been prepared for this!

A gigantic blast fires out of both of his blades and envelops Bach before he even has a chance to stop or change direction.
Aizen’s voice can still be heard in the background.

Aizen: Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep! Cower in the Dark, flee from death! Crawling queen of iron! laugh! Cry! Eternally self-destructing doll of mud! Unite! Repulse! Dreams, heavens, earth and air! Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness!

As the torrent of energy continues to be fired of Joushiro’s blade you notice that as it goes past the point where Bach was its turning into two smaller streams on energy.

The streams suddenly merge together once more as Bach appears far above it. His right hand, arm and should have been completely blackened and trails of blood can be seen going down and dripping of his fingers. His cloak has been completely ripped away.

Bach: Did you really think even catching me by surprise that something like that would finish me?!
Joushiro: …No, it was just meant to slow you down.
Aizen: Let eternity itself be scarred! *Hado 90: Kurohitsugi! , Hado 97: Sekai no dibaida!!*

Next week: bleach 530
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