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Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Claymore has no direct end in sight considering that they can always continue the story by venturing off the island. Also Pris's character is expanding and may very well end up an anti-hero of sorts by the end of the manga. She isn't really evil per say just awakened. In fact by comparison to other awakened beings she's actually quite passive. Having gone 7 years straight without devouring a single human seems like a big deal to a being that constantly seeks nourishment from fresh flesh. Even if Clare and Pris were to have another encounter it wouldn't mean the end of the manga. I can actually see Raki protecting Pris from Clare if they do indeed fight again. As of now it can go on indefinitely so long as they're willing to continue publishing it.
I get what you're saying except for the part about Raki protecting Clare. My thing is that this story has taken a "Naruto" turn here lately. A single chapter of 30 pages could have been summed up in a few pages. I liked the development with Miata and what's her name, but other than that, this fight in Rabona needs to end soon, and the progression... well, it needs to progress.
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