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Re: What manga series are you currently reading?

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
At first I was thinking that the uber blows almost every other panel was going to exhaust itself, and the color was going to go away after maybe a few pages. When the story breaks in its cool because the artwork is the freaking truth. I'll say this, prior to reading Feng, I had never envisioned someone grabbing a big assed horse by its snout, to punch it in half getting at the rider, and crushing him. It was quite a freaking site, only OP is above this in my world, and if this continues... dun... dun... duunnnnn....

After catching up to others with OP back in the day at a retarded pace, I'm going slow here. That original ride up the OP path was awesome, and I kicked myself for going to fast. Here I'm on like chapter 20, milking this out, lol.
Well damn..I am on chapter 57 right now...and seriously why can't all mangas be in color damnit! lol I thought the same Neo....I thought I would fail to continue to appreciate the art and the blood n guts..but the story alongside characters keep me hooked. Not only that but the brilliant mind that is behind the author. I am utterly enjoying watching Ah Gou's growth. I want to see him rescue grandpa...I want to see him punish Tian.....Though right now I want the elder God to get his shit handed to him.. (Spoiler alert)

Smelting Aura....and using it as part of your body...just sick......

I am sad..I caught up like two hours ago...and Mangapanda made me think there was a part 1 and part 2.....damn you!

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