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Re: Naruto_647_Predictions/Spoilers

Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
Well, been giving it some thought, so here goes.
Dammit, I had a sasuke prediction too... oh well... Here is mine... It is not my best by far, kind of rushed, and would likely take 5 chapters to do what I did this one chapter, but I like it..

Naruto 647: "The Third force awakens"

(so many shinobi are shown dead, drained of chakra as sasuke and Juugo look on while mInato, hiruzen and tobirama tend to naruto's injuries)

Sasuke: "This is the only future for the world as long as this "thing" is allowed to exist".

Juugo: "This is horrible sauske, but what will you do with your level of..."

*Sasuke glares at Juugo with the Eternal Mangekyo*

Sasuke: "Where there's a will, there's a way... Juugo, absorb as much of the tree as you can..."

Juugo: "Oh, so that is your plan.. Ok!"

*Juugo puts his hands on the God tree and starts absorbing it*

(Suddenly, the scene switches to Hashirama going all out to summon his ultimate buddha summon to stop the god tree and infinite tsukuyomi... But madara just smiles)

Madara: "Finally! I have been waiting for you to go all out so I could use my trump card"

*Madara closes one eye and shows his right eye while he forms a specific hand sign and starts his jutsu and hashirama is stopped in his tracks, coloapsing to his knee's as he begins to give off smoke*

Hashirama: "It can't be, this is..."

Madara: "Gedo Rinne Tensai!!!! Now revive first Hokage..."

*Hashirama's edo cracks disappears, color returns to his face and is now flesh and blood again*

Madara: "Finally, your back and easy pickens for me..."

Hashirama: "Apparently you have forgotten who you are dealing with.. Huh...?!?!"

*Unable to move that much and form a hand sign, hashirama is baffled*

Madara: "Stop struggling hashirama, you have been hit by the Tsukuyomi before I revived you so you cannot put up a fight. And just for good measure.."

*Madara uses demon path to grow four extra arms while using bansho tenin to draw hashirama right to him, grabbing hashirama to hold him down with the extra four arms*

Madara: "Now you cannot go anywhere and are ready to finally become, A PART OF ME, so we can become a Being just like that of the sage of six paths"

hashirama Thinking: "So this is why he revived me after paralyzed me...He is already infused with my cells so he has my body so he means to completely integrate me into himself to gain a body the same level of the sage of six paths since the other Uchiha became the juubi's JINK"

*Madara makes his super evil smile and he grows two more arms and forms a four handed hand sign*

Madara: "Now we Become ONE... Using the same Jutsu the Sage of six path's used to split his power, but in reverse... SHINBUTSU SHUGO!!!

(Hashirama is being absorbed into Edo Madara to hashirama's Horror...)

Hashirama as he is almost drawn into Madara: "Huh, you did always want to become me Madara, hahahaha..."

*Madara in anger to Hashirama's taunt completely draws hashi in and suddenly is surrounded in a very bright aura of light as everyone on the battle field notices what just happens*

Tobirama in Panic: "Brother, what happened, Brother....????"

Minato: "Tobirama stop, I know you can feel it too. The First was completely absorbed by Madara... Which means Madara may very well be even more powerful then Obito now... What a fucking mess".

*Obito realizes what Madara has done and actually looks concerned*

Obito: "He actually did it... He absorbed the first Hokage who had the pure body of the sage to recombine with his eyes of the sage to become just like me now... If his goals are not the same as mine, I will have to fight him myself".

*suddenly, Obito can sense what Juugo is doing and rushes over to stop him*

Juugo who is 10x bigger now and full of the God tree as well as it's power: "I am almost full, should I go ahead and give it to you in a condensed faaaaah"

*Obito kicks juugo off the tree and into some rubble with great force as sasuke tries to counter attack with a blitz from behind, but is knocked right onto Juugo*

Obito: "Well now traitor, looks like all that Kyuubi power made you really fast and powerful. Still nowhere near my speed and power level though, too bad... Time to put you out of my misery trai..."

*Juugo suddenly shoots his C2 chakra beam that hit's Obito directly sending him flying as sasuke Smirks*

Sasuke: "DO not worry, I will have all the power I need in a moment from Juugo to take you own... Now Juugo, lets begin"

*Juugo forms his hands into syringe and first gives sasuke his Kyuubi cloak and then starts to give sauske his CS power plus god tree power which causes sasuke's skin to whiten, hair to lighten and start to form wings on his back.
but Obito suddenly blitzes Juugo from behind, slicing him in half with his sage staff of five elements and instantly fires a Bijuudama between sasuke and juugo's two halves, sending juugo all over the place and sasuke to a crevice in the god tree made by juugo, after drawing out a portion of the tree.
Sasuke only got a small amount of god tree and curse seal/sennin power from Juugo though*

Obito: "And that takes care of that, Hahaha".

Naruto: "You bastard, I will never forgive you for this, Just as soon as I am healed, I... WIll...."

*Instantly the power of Madara's new form is felt across the battle field as the Light aura dissipates Revealing Edo Madara with White hair, and the exact same form as Obito, but Madara's SKin coat, spikes are black while the tomoe and RG seals on his back are whites. AS well as his Armour still remaining on his shoulders and thighs, integrated into his RS form, showing the tomoe Plus RG designs on them..*

Madara: "ANd a New Sage of six paths is BORN, This is exactly how I imagined it to feel... I am a god!!!"

(Scene switches to sasuke barely conscious in the crevice of the god tree where he cannot see due to the darkness, but his EMS can see an immensely powerful energy in the form of a fruit... He reaches for it..)

obito: "Wow, you can even rival my power now Madara. And I assume our DEAL still Applies..?"

Madara: "But Of course..."

*Madara instantly blitzes to obito and slices him in half with his own Sage Staff of five elements, but it was a Obito's tail made into a clone of him and the real Obito bursts form under ground and head buts Madara into the God tree*

Obito: "We May be the same now, but I will not let you Ruin my plan just so you can rule this world"

Madara: " SO you figured it out, did ya. Still, I doubt you know my full plan. Either way, it doe snot include you being alive so lets get this over with so I can cast My Ultimate Illusion then gain my true power form the god tree".

Obito: "Lol, You act like you can actually kill me. Well, if you feel like your up to the task, then bring it..."

*both blitz to each other and just before they clash, the Crevice of the god tree sauske was in explodes and a form blitzes out, Blocking both madara and Obito's attack at the same time...*

*With White skin and gray long hair, wings on the back, Horns on the head, six RS tomoe across the chest and a RG design on the stomache as well as the ultimate eyes Only possessed by one other person. The Sharinnegan...*

Obito is stunned to see it is sasuke: "But how, I stopped Juugo from giving you his and the god tree's power he absorbed... and those eyes... HOW did you get those e.."

Madara: "You found some fruit of the god tree inside there didn't you, you little bastard... And Gained the Ultimate chakra... to Gain the ukltimate doujutsu even Beyond what the sage of six paths had...
The KAGUYAGAN (=sharinnegan)... The power of the SG and RG together in one doujutsu, not in different evolution like what we have....
D you realize what you have boy... That is a power not seen since the Original god of this world Kaguya, the...."

Sasuke: "Mother of the Rikudou sage who passed on her power to him... I had the eternal mangekyo and read the tablet so I know just as Much as you Madara. And now that I have stumbled upon the power to gain the ultimate doujutsu plus the dragon sage senjutsu Juugo gave me and the god tree's power enhanced many folds.

*Naruto, Minato, tobirama, hiruzen, and everyone else are shocked, most of all Obito who thought he knew everything about the origin of the sage of the Juubi's power*


No matter how POWERFUL/STRONG you are. If you cannot CATCH your Enemy, all you POWER/STRENGTH is no more USEFUL then a squirt gun....
And if You cannot possibly TRACK/REACT to your enemies attacks to Defend yourself, then how can you possibly stop him from DEFEATING you at WILL...


People live relying on they're Knowledge and Perception, and thus are bound to them.....
Those Boundaries are what they tend to accept as "Reality".....
However..... Knowledge and Perception are both ambiguous....
so "Reality" could be nothing more....
then an illusion....


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