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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash
AO, yea, the faster you activate your muscles to move through faster synapses does nto increase your speed... Everyone's synapses and reflexes are the same thus it is because of Mrbig magic that people are faster then others...
How am I supposed to take your post when you think increased reflexes/nervous system will not increase speed...
Im actually laughing right now. You actually believing the nervous system is responsible for how fast someone can run?

You really have no idea what the hell you're talking about. All Humans have the exact same nervous system. the nervous system is directed by ion bridges forming potential electric energy that send eletrical signals to the brain.

The speed these ion bridges form is determined by the speed of transfer of electrons. THAT IS THE SAME FOR EVERYONE, it's a physical property of matter, it's not determined by someone's genes/DNA or how hard they train.

2. someone's nervous system isn't responsible for how fast they run.

Here's an article specifically detailing why some people are faster than others:,00.html

You are badly educated in this subject, instead of making shit up; you should actually research what the hell you're talking about cause when you don't you end up looking stupid. Im majoring in biotechnology so when you talk about biology like you know what you're talking about im just shaking my head in disgust.

LMFAO, Madara was not far away, he was just not shown in the same panel where Raikage was, busy looking at tsunade get her ass kicked... WTF LOL!!!! Mokuton clone susanoo madara did not blitz to rakage and grab him up before he could react, while riakage was moving at full speed.

Madara mokuton clone just took advantage of a distracted raikage and grabbed him up, simple as that, shown by the manga clearly...

I mean, raikage is clearly standing still, bitching at tsunade about her fighting, not moving at top speed and a madara clone just happen to grab him up while he was distracted, there was no feat of speed for Madara's clone there LMAO...
You go on about reflexes yet you clearly know nothing about the subject. No matter how you put it. The raikage either got surprised by a simple clone and couldn't even react in time or Madara body flicker was fast enough to sneak up on the Raikage even with his faster reflex time caused by his lightning chakra.

WHile in V1, rai's hair is down and aura is small while V2 Rai's hair sticks up and his lightning aura increases allot... this shows v1 on top and V2 on bottom to show the difference...
Lol for God sakes, and your conclusion is that it's 2 different modes of speed? You really believe that the raikage held back in a fight for his life and that of the ninja world, and that he also held back after Sasuke messed up his arm with his Amatseru (however you spell it)? my word. What?

LMAO, if SM hashirama is as fast as you try to make him out to be. Madara should not of so easily caught hashirama... Hashi should of shushin'ed right past madara, but madara reacted, tracked anf flanked SM hashirama trying to get to Obito..
Edo tensei madara has the rinnegan and part of Hashimara in him, It wouldnt surprise me if he WAS faster than Hashimara concidering he's probably stronger right now too.

I love the way you use DragonballZ as a foundation for your entire speed vs power argument.

Like i've said before, fights are much more complicated than a simple speed vs power argument.
Hashimara has a perfect defense and a perfect reply to shinobi that rely on speed. His attacks affect a great area instantly. Basically Minato's only to hope at survival is to keep FTG'ing back and forth from the battlefield to avoid getting caught. The man would have no chance versus the first.

Naruto Kyuubi + sage mode > Minato any day.
Sage mode Hashimara would destroy minato.
Madara wouldn't even have to move to beat minato.
Obito could kill minato whenever he damn well feels like it.
Tobirama has shown little to nothing of his mastered water jutsus. Unlike Minato he has more up his sleeves than FTG'ing everywhere.

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