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Re: Naruto_647_Predictions/Spoilers

Welcome back Jericho Prediction

"The Time is Now"

Hashirama facing off with Madara," you ate full of it as always. First of all,that is too much information to be on the Uchiha Tablet. Second, The sage of six paths was a hermit that hundreds of years ago. He taught people how to use Chakra,he created jutsu. Third, the Juubi was a huge force of evil and chakra that he defeated by becoming it's Jink. Our clans descended from his two sons."

Madara laughs,"ha ha ha, okay you got me, the only truth to that was the Sage' s name and his mother having an unworldly amount of Chakra. But history tells us that the Juubi is drawn to huge amounts of chakra. But it is going to cast the Infinite ..."

Suddenly Juubito ot appears behind Madara and shatters his body.
Juubito, "talking is over,nothing matters,only what happens on a few moments. You undead have no place in my new world. Madara no longer fits there either."
Hashirama is facing off with Juubito.
Over to Minato,Tobirama, n Naruto.
Kurama, [Naruto, it absorbed everything at once.what now? !]
Minato looks across the battlefield at everyone and the situation, then to Naruto, "we have to go."
Tobirama, " where to and how can u when your out of chakra? "
Naruto,"wait what do you mean...?"
Minato, "hush son,just rest. I have a plan,should have done this some time ago. I just need a place safely away from here."

Suddenly, Hashirama is crashing into Sasuke and then Tobirama but Minato manages to barely get out of the way.

Hashirama has one arm and leg that is slowly regenerating.
Saratobi, blocks an incoming attack from Juubito bit is still being pushed back.

Minato,"dammit,i will just have to use what chakra i have. This body is recovering chakra fast but not fast enough."

Sasuke stands in front of Naruto and Minato along with Juugo,"do what you have to do! "

Juubito, "you will not see the new world."
Suddenly Two meteors coming crashing,not quite as big as before.
Sakura,Hinata,Shikamaru, Kiba,and Bee, "Naruto"

A huge crash that destroys the area except for
where the Tree is.

We see darkness.

"Everyone okay? "

We see Kakashi standing in front of Minato,Sasuke, Naruto and Tobirama.

Naruto,"Kakashi Sensei. ..?"

Minato,"Kakashi...Sensei? Should have known, couldn't have a better teacher! "

Kakashi, "Sensei? I have been gone from the battlefield for a while. Soon as I was coming to find Obito I saw the meteors so I expanded Kumai to bring you all back to this dimension."

Sasuke, "Kakashi sensei...where are we? "

Kakashi,"Sensei huh? Well,this is the dimension me and Obito's SG are connected to."

Minato,"no time for this Second Hokage, I need you to transfer the other half of Kurama to Naruto."

Tobirama, "understood. But I have a question. Naruto,why don't you use water jutsu,i sense the dual Affinity for wind and water in your base chakra? "

Naruto, "really, I do?"

Tobirama , "don't worry Hashirama didn't know he had more than at first either,Lol. Naruto,I will put you under a Genjutsu whike I transfer Kurama."

Minato, "link me as well,i have something to show him."

Battlefield,everyone is panicking or laid out due to being drained. Madara has recovered and is looking at Hashirama in pieces and is furious.

Madara, "how dare you! He is mine to defeat, you had no right! Your time is up. "

Juubito, "i don't think so. You are alone and weak"

Madara goes complete Susanoo, "i am not weak!"

Voice,"and he is not alone."

We see the 5 Kages standing behind him.

A huge black flame fireball hits the tree.
Sasuke in Susanoo, "you should know, Uchiha are far from weak. "

Next:"Team Madara vs. Juubito! "
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