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Re: What manga series are you currently reading?

i hope soon....I can't tell how often the chapters are released. I am just hoping nothing like Berserk or D Gray man...where i have to wait like 6 months for a release.

Hey Neo and Askmeanything...who is your favorite character?

Leader of the Fallen is a badass... My fav just because of his calm collective nature though he houses some serious fighting power. (Reminds me of Itachi...being sick, powerful and fighting for the greater good of his people.)
Zhou or Ah Gou's father was the original badass
Uncle Zi is a bad ass

The mad god who was cursed by the high priest reminds me so much of Akuma from Berserk. ( alot of familiar characters in fact)
So many awesome characters...and we are basically still just getting started..This manga has crazy potential to become the top manga.

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