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Re: DBZ: Battle of the gods subbed

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
That shit was Cool Freaking Beans... they stayed true to DBZ, but slightly upgraded some stuff. Confused isn't Pam, Gohan's Daughter, where was she, or is this prior to DBGT when she was first announced, which was never seen to my knowledge before? And if so is that why Goku never went SS4 with Red Hair and Tail?

Though everybody took a whuupin, loved Majin Buu not giving up his grip, or Vegeta finally turning into a husband after Bulma's interaction with Bills.

Lastly, I believe someone will come after Bills and that Dude he was with, and it will be one of the other 12.
Ok so watched it today....kinda annoyed though yes they kept it dbz true quality. Hated the voice overs for one....terrible. Lord Bills is a cool and unique character. An odd foe for Goku but hey he will triumph. So basically because he absorbed the others energy he became a god even when that power faded. When he was about to lose everything he unlocked god mode on his own it seemed. Still not enough to beat someone of Bills level. Kinda crazy because we have never seen such an obstacle before Goku. Loved the whole "YOU HIT MY BULMA" line..that shit had me like "WHOA!" Goten's repetitive line of "Amazing" was funny as shit! Roshi straight up asked Bulma."Bitch where the porn at?" lmao! I mean everyone was wetting their pants..had the mighty Dragon sweating like it was July out there lol. Continued annoyance that everything relies on Goku...I kinda thought they were gonna give Vegeta a proper spotlight...but they only give him props for temporarily exceeding!
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