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Re: Feng_Shen_Ji_chapter_64

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Yeah Grand Marshall will die in this battle as well, he already asked Ah Gou to be the new leader, looks like they only lost one so far. Here's an idea, why isn't the Uncle the Swordsman going after the Healing God, or somebody, they've already figured out they're healing.

On another note, Broad with the Butterflies is about to get the Biz, or floss, I don't know which since Grandpa gave his power, BUT, no matter if she can pass those 2 silly assed Gods, Tian will give her the fucking asswhuuping of her life, even without her heart. Which the Dude with the 6 or 7 eyes should know already since he has her heart, but I can understand he's busy, heads are coming at him from the battlefield.
I am unsure if Ah Gou will become the leader next chapter or the one after. Grand Marshall will def leave impacting the war on God Island. Though the Generals won't acknowledge Ah Gou so quickly as his replacement. Butterfly chick got the last of Grandpas vigor, so she will assassinate the God of lightning affiliation and his broad. Though she may not escape with her life. He can't look into what she's doing due to the block on foresight on the mountain. So he will only focus on the wars front lines. Also i don't think she will be able to kill off Tian.... Yeah man big time where the fuck is Uncle Zi....he should of been headed towards the Great God who is protecting everyone with his divine spell.
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