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Re: Naruto_647

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
They need to do something, people don't read mangas for plants, that big piece of shit is dominating everything, and it has no personality or doesn't talk. Obito has no personality and he talks, lose lose propositions.
agreed everything has become mild to taste and visually i'm completely disinterested. Kishi needs to show some balance and proper use of key characters in this situation. Sakura really fucking sucks big time...Karin should just step up as the head med ninja. With the Kages arriving I wonder how much of a difference it will be with them there. They still look beat the fuck up so how much of an advantage will the alliance have now...also a great deal of the AP was wiped out from the tree. Kishi to me destroyed the potential of this war arc. He fucked up every character and their use thus far. Throwing in random tidbits of information and flashbacks out of no where. Shit show the growth and resolve of the popular characters. Kishi has just made everyone a cheerleader for Naruto. He completely broke all three final villians....Orochimaru..Madara and Obito. With the main weapon of the final villian to be a fucking kinda shits on this manga being about ninjas.
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