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Re: Naruto_647

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
What can the lesser kages do anyway ?

They are ridiculously outclassed. This fight should have been all the edo kages, Nardo and Sasuke vs Juubito. After a while the kages fall back leaving the star crossed lovers to finish off the man child.

Speaking of boredom the way this fight has unfolded is unacceptable in my opinion. What happened to Tobirama's legendary water jutsu ? Why isn't Hiruzen showing why they call him the professor/shinobi god by using a wide array of fire and earth jutsu ?

All we have seen so far are the same jutsu being recycled endlessly. With all these chakra monsters on the field the incentive is there to come up with interesting jutsu and battle tactics.

Spot on, just spot on brother! (heavy clapping...fuck it i'm standing....)
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