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Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers

Hope you guys enjoy this one. Haven't done a serious one in a while. But I was able to find some inspiration in this chapter.

The Trump Card

*The opening scene shows Naruto and Sasuke standing side by side, Sasuke in his Susanoo and Naruto in his Kurama-Sage cloak.*
Naruto: Time and time again, I overcame obstacles, both known and unknown. And I was able to do so because of my friends and loved ones.
*Next few panels show pictures of Sakura when he was fighting Gaara in part 1, a few panels of his training with Jiraiya, Neji during the chuunin exam, Team 10 and Konohamaru at Asuma’s funeral, Tsunade at Jiraiya’s funeral, Gaara after Chiyo’s sacrifice, Hinata fighting for Naruto against Pein, Killer Bee during their training, and finally Sasuke fighting Obito in his Susanoo cloak.*
Naruto: You’ve pissed me off for the last time!
Sasuke smirking while in thought: It’s about fucking time.
*Both leap towards Obito. Scene switches to Madara and Hashirama.*
Hashirama: So if I keep you busy for 15 minutes, then you too will fall under the genjutsu.
Madara smirking: In theory, yes. In practice, it will never happen.
*Madara grabs the black chakra rod that formed from his palm.*
Madara: After our fight, I became quite the master at shogi. In the promoting of my silver general, I learned quite a few things.
*Madara grasps his fan and charges at Hashirama. Hashirama takes a defensive stance.*
Hashirama: What is he doing? And what… or who does he mean by silver general?
*Just as Madara reaches Hashirama, swinging his fan horizontally, Hashirama leaps, landing on the fan, using his chakra to balance himself on the flat blade of the fan. Hashirama smirks at Madara as he becomes enraged.*
Madara: You piece of Senju garbage! You toy with me?!!!
*Madara enters his full Susanoo mode, towering over Hashirama.*
Hashirama in thought: What do you have up your sleeve this time Madara? You do not have the kyuubi.
*Hashirama does several handsigns and slams his palm on the ground. The next panel shows the famed thousand armed Buddha. The next panel shows Obito glancing over his shoulder in Madara and Hashirama’s direction.*
Obito in thought: So that is the jutsu Madara told me he was defeated by….
Obito: Take a look boys (referring to Sasuke and Naruto). They’re power far outshines yours, but pales in comparison to mine.
*Scene switches back to Madara in his Susanoo cloak with Hashirama sitting atop his Buddha summon*
Hashirama: Does this not seem familiar Madara? Must we revisit this event?!
Madara chuckling: No, Hashirama, we do not. As I’ve stated, I’ve learned quite a few tricks from my silver general.
*Another Madara is seen landing on his feet behind Hashirama on top of the Buddha.*
Hashirama staring at Madara: You think I would fall for that?!
Madara, revealing his rinnegan: No… but I knew you would fall for this Senju dog!
*Suddenly the five Madara clones that fought the kages flicker in to the picture, all holding Hashirama. The fight in Hashirama can be seen leaving him. Madara approaches Hashirama still in his Susanoo form. Finally, the one behind Hashirama walks up to him and opens his mouth. The real Madara dissipates his Susanoo, leaping on top of the Buddha. He takes the black chakra rod and shoves it down Hashirama’s mouth. Hashirama’s eyes go blank. The next panel shows the Hashirama clones with the alliance army with a blank look on his face now. Several fodder shinobi approach him*
Fodder: Shodai-sama, are you ok?
*The clone can now be seen with a smirk on his face.*
Hashirama clone: Yes, we’re all going to be just fine now.
*Scene switches back to the Madara and Hashirama, with all of the Madara clones dissipating.*
Madara: Now, come friend, it is time we molded this world as we see fit.
*The last panel shows the Buddha facing the direction of Obito, Sasuke, and Naruto, with Madara and Hashirama stand on top, side by side.*

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