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Re: Naruto_648 Predictions/Spoilers

It's been almost a year since my last fan fic....

Apacolypz Prediction 647

Shattered Dreams II

Scene shows Madara's Susanoo swinging his mighty sword at Hashirama's wood Dragon. Slicing off the Dragon's head Madara turns his attention towards Obito's position.
(right eye peeking at Hashi)

Madara-You know something....I have worked hard to get to where I am today. I want to save these redundant people wrapped within a clouded world with my vision. A real world where I can govern peace and justice on one scale.

Hashirama-Madara it is not too late! We can still establish the dream we sought together! It is not one man who will shape this world. Look at me, I failed even with all the support and power I possessed. I never wanted to truly lead, I wanted to share that headache with someone who thought along the same lines as myself.

(Facing one another)

Madara-Hashirama we have not been working towards the same goal for some time. You were delusional and forged your strength behind Konoah..when I was attempting to shape the world through my eyes. I befriended my foe and called him my brother when my own flesh and blood rotted in the ground. I even loved and admired you Hashirama. Those fairy tail days are far over with now. I have little love for this world as I have admiration for you. This blurry reality that keeps men cycling a circle of hatred will cease to exist once the Moon's Eye Plan succeeds.

Hashirama-It pains me to have to fight you again after the VOTE. Though Madara I once warned you of the consequences if you harmed my family. (Hashi faces the ground in silence) (When he looks up he is in Sage mode)

(Hashirama powers up) (Madara using his RG can sense energy being absorbed at a rapid rate into Hashirama)

Madara-That's it Hashirama get serious!!!!

Hashirama forms a wood sickle that extends towards the torso of Madara. As Madara engulfs himself in his Susanoo cloak Hashirama pulls the ground Madara is standing on toward himself. Free from his cloak the wooden sickle stabs Madara right into his gut.

Madara-???? How is this possible?
Hashirama-You absorbed part of my power Madara..but you are not capable of controlling it like I am.

-Scene Switch-

Obito looks around and notices some of the Alliance party still lingering. Tobirama is standing beside Minato and a weakened Naruto.

(inside the mind of Naruto)

Kurama-Naruto that damn god tree has sucked up my chakra along with my other half's. It will be at least seven minutes before i'll be able to even assist you. Voice- Well in that time we will need to figure out the best way to restrain Obito so we can seal away the Juubi. Naruto- Dad! Is there a possible way?
Sasuke-There is a way, (Naruto-Minato)-!!!(surprised)
Sasuke-while you play catch up let me show him the power of a true Uchiha. Naruto and Minato glance at one another. Minato-Sasuke kun tell me what is your plan?

(Outside we see Juugo standing before Obito with Sasuke at his side.)

Obito-(sigh) Sasuke you don't have enough power to stand before me....let alone Naruto. You have wasted your strength being an Avenger all these years. At this moment I have the same power as the Ancestor of Shinobi. You're just a piece of a power I already possess.

Sasuke-We will have to test your theory...won't we? (Smirking)
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