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Re: What manga series are you currently reading?

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
I'd say Ah Gou. I started having mad respect for him when he was in the mines. The kid came in there a punk and left out a man. The kid used his head and and worked his ass off. Helped 100 people get out of there and see there family again, and stirred up a whole lot of shit in the process.

Not to mention when he kidnapped the mine owners son and strung him up. 3 short days hanging out (literally) in the forest and turned that kids whole attitude around. Now that's what I call being a role model.
Right on...I mean he is def someone to enjoy reading about... Indeed a role model...regarding Nehya (spl) Mine owners son, he will def become a serious ally and friend of Ah Gou's in the future. (Not sure if you caught up so I don't wanna spoil anything.)

Ah Gou will bring all the humans and rebels under his flag and become a King Gods fear and humans respect. I wish he could of kept his true identity secret a little longer. I also want to see more competition come into play. Humans and gods alike...I don't want it to seem so easy...the ladder for Ah Gou to climb to become the greatest Emperor ever!

Like Jirayah I want him to guide his nephew in the right direction but get killed off by some fearsome hurdle Ah Gou must overcome. His fathers hurdle was Tian and the God's domain... AH Gou's is all of the gods but he needs a lesson in the world..a lesson that will help him shape his own personal goals and dreams. BTW since no one has said it...once his wife actually learns some fighting skills...she will be a beast..her disappearing foot or whatever is pretty slick. Not on ftg level but it will come in handy fer her own fighting style. Grand Marshall says she will play a pivotal role in the war but not only the future...just what is she?
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