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Re: What manga series are you currently reading?

Originally Posted by thefour99 View Post

Shingeki No Kyojin
Gantz (Still trying to catch up)
Feng Shen Ji

My favorite Feng Shen Ji character is Zi Yu. Guys who is your favorite General? For me is Zong Heng Tian Xia. Although he's the Dark One but he respect & obey Ah Gou as the leader.
Move up Feng and Shingeki to your top list lol. Other than that add One Piece and mangas like Berserk and D gray man. The later two have been MIA in regard to recent released chapters...though they are awesome reads and their animes are pretty good too. Berserk just released it's third chapter movie

My Fav General will most likely be the one in white garbs who's name means something about dancing wind....he is able to control the weather (ice) (kinda looks like a asian version of Ass Creed main character) with his soul weapon.

Other than him the crazy main general with the demon steel claws.
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