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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

yeah... no.

1. First of all there is no proof that extra-terrestial organic life exists on earth. If so, please provide a real source and not some joke crap you've found in Ancient aliens.

2. Dinosaurs don't come from other planets: During the creation of a planet the forces gravity causes to much pressure with one an another and the tempatures they create (that molds the proto-planet into spherical form) would destroy any type of fossil or organic life traces - and that's implying they even somehow managed to stay intact in the vacuum of space being bombarded by radiation of the Sun in an environment close to 0 Kelvin.

Not to mention in the early stages of earths synthesis, the entire planet is in fusion (the tempature is so high everything is either evaporating or melting). There is absolutely ZERO chance of anything "surviving" these events.

3. Dinosaurs dont come from other planets (part 2): We can trace the evolutionary paths of birds and reptiles back to the dinosaurs and see how they evolved to the species we know today. So by your hypothesis, if dinosaurs are aliens; so are we and everything to have ever existed on this planet.

4. Keep religion and science seperate PLEASE. I am a christian, I do believe in God. But Understand there are fundamental differences. One addresses the spiritual (if you believe in that) the other addresses the physical world.

Don't try to force God or your spiritual beliefs onto scientific concepts. Science has no belief system. Claiming that God created such and such as scientific hypothesis is non-sense without proof.

My moral beliefs and how I choose to live my life comes from my christian upbringing.
My mind and how I choose to analytically understand the physical proprieties of the world comes from knowledge gained through science.

Your posting a lot of non sense right now and it makes us more modern Christians look really bad. :\

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