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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
So...according to you, in order to follow what you are trying to say one has to believe in a delusion created to control the masses? Because that's what religion is. I'm going to stick with "wow, you're stupid". I've explained, in detail, how you are wrong. I'm not wasting anymore breath on your ridiculous idea.

Also, for your shot saying atheism is a belief, it's not. There are no tenets, no rites and rituals, no common lore involved. It's a stance on a single subject, the existence of God. Atheism simply means "no God". Atheists, by and large, hold that sufficient evidence for the existence of God hasn't been presented. So, using Occam's Razor, God doesn't exist. If evidence is presented, actual and verifiable evidence (i.e., not fucking everything that has been used as "evidence", that's another story.
Atheism is a belief of gods non-existence. You don't need tenets, rites or rituals to hold a belief.

The same way there is no subjective scientific evidence of morality. You believe in your concept of what is good and what is wrong is just.

Atheism isn't a sect or some sort of religion but it is a belief.
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