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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Originally Posted by MrBIG View Post
Atheism is a belief of gods non-existence. You don't need tenets, rites or rituals to hold a belief.

Atheism isn't a sect or some sort of religion but it is a belief.
Actually, it is not a belief. A belief in something means that you know it to be true, without evidence that it is. Atheism is a logical stance on the subject of the existence of God. Atheists, because of a lack of concrete and scientifically verifiable evidence, hold to the conclusion that God does not exist. It is not a belief. What you are thinking of, is anti-theism. Atheists don't claim anything about God's existence, they just say "you haven't met your burden of proof". Anti-theists say "God doesn't exist".

If you're confused by that, think of it this way. With the subject of the existence of God, there are 2 stances. God either 1) exists or 2) does not exist. Atheism only focuses on point 1. The argument then becomes subject to the burden of proof. Atheism holding to the null hypothesis that evidence doesn't support that a God exists.

Anti-theism focuses on point 2. In other words, God does not exist. End of story.

I'm an Atheist. I hold to the conclusion that theists have not met their burden of proof that a God exists. Atheism is NOT a belief. Any more than evolution is NOT a belief.

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
Athiesm is a belief.. you believe ther eisn't a god.. you have no proof that there isn't one like I have no proof that he exists..
I suggest you look up the definitions of atheism and anti-theism. I don't believe there isn't a god. I hold to the fact that theists, making the positive claim that a God exists, have not met their burden of proof for that claim to be held true. But nice try in attempting to put words in my mouth.

Back to "wow, you're stupid" in regards to the whole planet forming thing. Especially since it's been proven that the conditions of a still forming planet means the crust isn't even solid. The earth was a giant molten ball of super heated rock (think lava on steroids) with an atmospheric pressure similar to that of Venus (~92 times the pressure of our own atmosphere at sea level). So, on top of the asteroid bombardment not even leaving lasting impressions on the surface, the rocks would've been warped and melted beyond recognition for "fossil evidence" such as dinosaur bones to have lasted 4 billion years.

Tl;dr - read a god damn book and stay away from lolhistorychannel and dafuqdiscovery (two words: Amish Mafia)

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