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Re: Debate: Speed Vs Power/Strength...

Atheism is lack of belief, not belief in a lacking. If one claims that there cannot be any manner of God or what have you, that is a belief in lacking.

Atheism in its purest, most logically sound state, is a state of nonexistence of faith. I do not think that there is a God, and I lack any belief that would override that thinking. I also do not think that the existence of God has in any way been disproved or, indeed, could ever be disproved. In this case, I also do not have a belief that would cause me to make the illogical leap of claiming that God cannot exist.

Belief is inherently outside the realm of logic. If you reach a conclusion via true premises and logically sound reasoning, it is not a belief. That is thought. Belief, in this context, is essentially synonymous with faith. Faith is convincing oneself of something without regard for true premises or logically sound reasoning. There is no faith involved in reasoning that no proof exists for God's existence, thus there is not a logical basis for trusting the positive claim that He exists. There also isn't a direct logical basis for actively denying the existence of God, as such conclusions are drawn outside of logically sound reasoning.

Learn your shit. Stop bitching about this.
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